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This week on Little People, Big World, Amy Roloff wasn’t sure how to react when her ex Matt started bonding with Chris Marek.

But Matt also spent time bonding with Caryn Chandler’s young adult children in their first-ever appearance on reality television.

It was heartwarming to see them appear on screen, especially considering Caryn’s son’s troubled history with the law.

Caryn Chandler, Connor Chandler, Brittany Chandler

"I wanted to bring my kids to the farm to have lunch with Matt," Caryn shared on Little People, Big World.

Connor Chandler is 19. Brittany Chandler is 22.

"As we continue to get closer and plan a future together," Caryn expressed. "It’s really important to me for you to have relationship with them."

"And," she continued. "I know they would like that as well."

She’s right — though they have already known Matt for a long time.

Caryn Chandler Snuggles with Matt
Photo via Instagram

Matt Roloff is happy to spend the time with them, too.

"Back when Brittany and Connor were young," Matt recalls.

He continues: "they used to come and help out during pumpkin season."

"So her kids know my kids well," Matt observes.

"And," he expresses. "I look forward for her family and my family getting closer."

Caryn Chandler Instagram Story - brags on kids on lpbw

Caryn herself took to Instagram to rave about her children making their Little People, Big World debut.

"So what have you been up to?" Connor asked during the episode.

"Getting ready for pumpkin season?" Brittany chimed in.

"Mhmm," Matt replied on camera. He was eating.

"Has it been weird getting ready for it without her?" Brittany asked.

Caryn stopped working on the family farm last spring. That’s sensible — she’s a girlfriend, not an employee.

"Mhm," Matt replied to Brittany’s question.

Smiling with Caryn
Photo via Instagram

"It’s interesting because I feel we took like a flip flop," Brittany observed.

She explained: "because she’s been working for what 10-12 years out on the farm, Monday through Friday."

"So now," Brittany notes. "Connor and I get up every morning at 6 a.m."

"Yeah," Connor agress. "I’m like ‘hey bye mom!’"

"But it’s nice having you around more,” Brittany expressed. “I mean I notice the subtle changes."

"Like I come home and I’m like ‘oh how nice, she did our laundry today,’" Brittany says. "So I think she does get bored."

With Caryn
Photo via Instagram

Connor has experienced some troubles as a teenager.

In 2016 and in 2017, Connor was jailed for "theft in the first degree."

While he thankfully received probation, it went on longer than originally planned.

He reportedly failed to appear for one of his court hearings, which caused the court to impose an extension upon his probation.

The good news is that, last summer, Connor shared that he was now sober, having been addicted to drugs for years.

Caryn Chandler and Matt Roloff, Road Trip
Photo via Instagram

Though the Chandler chidlren have known the Roloffs for over a decade, this was their first appearance on the show.

The reason for this was Caryn’s contentious divorce from their father, Joseph Chandler, years ago.

The divorce agreement included a stipulation that the kids never appear on Little People, BIg World.

Weird, but whatever.

Now that they’re adults, they can decide if they go on camera.

Apparently, it was time.