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Last month, Dog The Bounty Hunter star Beth Chapman underwent an emergency hospitalization.

Though her grim cancer battle is ongoing, she remains very much alive.

Her husband, Duane, shared a precious Mother’s Day photo, and fans are falling over themselves in response.

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"We had an amazing Mother’s Day," Duane "Dog The Bounty Hunter" Chapman writes in the captions of this photo.

The photo shows his son, Leland and his daughter-in-law, Jamie standing beside the proud mother Beth and then Duane himself.

"Thank you to my son @lelandbchapman and @jamiepchapman," Duane says. "For making the journey to be with us on mother’s day."

"It meant so much," he gushes.

Duane then quickly assures "@garrychapman and @bonniejoc and @cecilybeezee you kids never let dad down"

"We love you guys wishes you’d have been here," he concludes. "Mom did great."

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Beneath the photo, family was quick to comment.

"We love spending time with you both!" Jamie writes. "Never seems enough."

Plenty of people would love a daughter-in-law like her.

Bonnie comments: "I wish I could’ve gone. Glad you guys had a good time."

Cecily replied with a red heart emoji. So sweet!

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Fans chimed in with praise and well wishes.

"So glad to hear," writes one fan. "Prayers and blessing coming your way."

"Prayers for Beth," expresses another follower. "Love seeing this!!"

"Beth…you look Amazing….." affirms a comment. "No matter what is going on…’re an inspiration to say the least…. Much love,"

"Happy Mother’s Day!!!!!!!" exclaims another fan. "Beth you look beautiful."

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The family spent much of Mother’s Day at the Source Church in Bradenton, where Beth spoke to those assembled.

"I don’t go to God and go, ‘Why did I get cancer?’" Beth said.

"He will roll his eyes at me," she predicted. "Because I know why."

"Because it’s the ultimate test of faith," Beth explained.

"It is the evidence of things hoped for," she continued. "And it is the substance of things not known."

The Chapmans

"And although chemotherapy is not my bag, people," Beth noted. "Sorry, that’s not for me."

"So for me," she emphasized. "This is the ultimate test of faith."

"This is my ultimate lesson," Beth expressed. "And it’ll either be taught to you or me."

That may sound grim or even capricious to many, but it’s not up to us to tell someone else how to practice their faith.

"We’ve had an amazing life," Beth assured listeners. "We had great fun and we are still having fun."

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Beth’s initial cancer battle appeared to end in a triumph. It was even documented on a reality TV special.

Sadly, her throat cancer returned with a horrifying vengeance, spreading to her lungs.

It threatens her life, and Beth has expressed an interest in remaining with her family and loved ones.

She intends to spend what time she has left — whether it’s 100 days or 100 years — catching bad guys alongside her family.

We know that this is a devastating time for the Chapman family and we wish Beth the best as she endures this painful battle.