Beth Chapman Cheerfully Quashes Death Hoax

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Beth Chapman has spent a good portion of April resting after her emergency hospitalization.

Tragically, some trolls used the story of her cancer battle to spread a nasty rumor last week -- claiming that she had died.

Now, Beth is clearing the air after this death hoax in a truly classy way.

Beth Chapman Smiles

Beth Chapman took to Facebook to quash the rumor.

She linked to an article that mentioned the nasty hoax.

Beth wrote: "The rumors of my death have been highly exaggerated!" as her caption, paraphrasing a Mark Twain quote.

To show that she was amused rather than upset, she followed her words with four laughing to the point of tears emojis.

Honestly, good for her for keeping in such good spirits despite everything.

Dog and Beth Chapman Pic

Beth is waging her second battle against cancer, and reports look grim.

Husband Duane "Dog The Bounty Hunter" Chapman is there for her, but he has cried over the fear of losing his wife.

She has chosen to live out this time, not in a hospital or in hospice, but on the road with her family.

She's helping her husband track down fugitives with whatever time she has left.

Even with her bravery, her loved ones are hoping for a miraculous recovery.

Beth Chapman Cuddles With Lola

Beth's devoted fans and followers took to the comments on Facebook to cheer her on.

"Keep in the good fight Beth!" writes one supporter.

"People can be so freaking cruel," laments another. "Stay strong Beth!"

"You got this!" that same fan continues. "Sending healing prayers your way! We love you!"

"I wish people could just let you be!" expresses another follower.

The Chapmans

Dog himself took to Instagram to share a quote errantly attributed to Winston Churchill.

"A lie gets halfway around the world before the truth has a chance to get its pants on," the quote reads.

Dog is not the first to misattribute the quote; Colin Kaepernick famously did the same a few years back.

(If you're interested, the quote is a paraphrase of a line by FDR's Secretary of State, Cordell Hull, and may be generations older than that)

Regardless of who first spoke those words, it was a clear nod to the death hoax.

We can more than understand why he wouldn't want to directly discuss such a sensitive topic.

Beth Chapman in a Wig

Dog has repeatedly praised Beth for her courage, resolve, and attitude during this harrowing health battle.

She was first diagnosed with throat cancer back in 2017.

Following surgery, she was diagnosed cancer-free. Fans and family alike rejoiced at the news.

Tragically, in 2018, Beth got some majorly bad news: the cancer had returned.

During emergency surgery, doctors discovered that the cancer had not only reemerged, but had metastasized to her lungs.

The cancer is now in Stage 4.

Beth Chapman and Dog

Just a few weeks ago, Beth was admitted to the hospital following a scary buildup of fluid in her lungs.

"Beth was hospitalized Saturday due to an accumulation of fluid in her lungs," the family's statement began.

"Doctors performed an emergency procedure to alleviate the pressure that had built up," the Chapman family continued.

The statemend added: "She is now at home resting with her husband."

"She and [husband Duane 'Dog' Chapman] are so grateful for the thoughts and prayers from their fans," the Chapmans concluded. "Keep them coming."

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