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For four long years, Vicki Gunvalson dated the now disgraced Brooks Ayers.

Most Real Housewives fans remember him best for having faked cancer, chemo, and chemo symptoms.

But apparently he also “borrowed” a tremendous amount of money from Vicki. And she’s now suing him to force him to pay it back.

E! News obtained court documents that reveal that Vicki Gunvalson is taking her ex, Brooks Ayers, to court.

“Commencing in or about 2011,” documents read. “Plaintiff Gunvalson and Defendant Ayers entered into a series of loans.”

These were loans “wherein Ayers borrowed various amounts of money from Gunvalson.”

She allegedly loaned him a whopping $184,899 in 2011.

Later, she says that she loaned him $81,652 for legal fees that he paid over a number of years.

“And,” documents affirm. “Gunvalson agreed to loan such amounts to Ayers.”

Vicki, Brooks

Apparently, they were both in total agreement … back when the loans were first made.

“Ayers acknowledged the balance due on the loans,” the documents read. “In the amount of $184,899 to Gunvalson.”

The court papers continue: “Ayers agreed to provide an accounting of all sums paid to him in various income streams.”

In other words, she wanted him to prove to her that he was making enough money to pay her back.

And, of course, to show her that he was paying her back as soon as he could — and not squirreling away cash for himself.

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We know that you will be simply shocked to read that Ayers allegedly failed to repay Vicki.

The documents also accuse him of having failed to provide her with any accounting of his various revenue streams.

(To be fair, that’s probably tricky to produce when you’re an alleged con artist)

As far back as 2013, the two of them were joined in litigation in Clark County, Nevada.

The involved litigation meant legal fees and expenses, which ran through 2015. 

You’ll never guess who got left with the check.

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“Ayers was unable to pay his portion of the attorneys’ fees and costs incurred on his behalf in the litigation,” the documents assert.

“The Parties entered into a verbal agreement,” the papers reveal.

This was a pact wherein Ayers borrowed $81,652,97 from Gunvalson.”

This was all “to pay for the legal services, attorneys’ fees, and costs incurred in the Las Vegas litigation.”

It sounds like she has yet to see dime one from that loan.

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The documents accuse that Brooks “failed and continued to fail to remedy or make good on the said account to Gunvalson.”

Vicki suggests that he “had no intention of ever repaying either of the loans.”

“Defendant committed the acts alleged knowingly, willingly, intentionally, maliciously,” the documents read.

“And,” the papes add. “With the conscious disregard of the rights of Plaintiff.”

“Defendant was in the superior position in relationship to his records,” Vicki accused.

The documents continue: “Plaintiff reasonably expected trust and confidence in the integrity and fidelity of Defendant’s accounting and records.”

Vicki accuses Brooks of “concealing and continuing to conceal accounting of his records.”

“Defendant’s continued concealment of any accounting,” documents read. “Is an attempt to intentionally defraud and oppress Plaintiff.”

Vicki has asked that the sum that she’s seeking, which is (obviously) in excess of $15,000, be determined at trial.

She’s looking for compensation for attorneys’ fees, legal costs incurred both in the past and during this process, plus interest — and more.

Honestly? Best of luck to her.

We’re just glad that, these days, Vicki’s boyfriend saves her job instead of milking her for cash.