Kathryn Dennis Files to Modify Custody After Thomas Ravenel Arrest

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Southern Charm fans have borne witness the stunning rise and fall of Thomas Ravenel.

Just weeks after his arrest stemming from sexual assault allegations, Kathryn has made her move in court.

She's asking the judge to modify custody and visitation for the couple's young children.

Kathryn Dennis with Kensie and Saint

Us Weekly reports that, on Friday, October 26, Kathryn Dennis make a request at family court.

She filed for a modification of custody and visitation.

She and Thomas Ravenel share two young children, Kensie and Saint.

At present, the couple share a 50/50 split of custody of their 4-year-old and 3-year-old.

It looks like Kathryn is hoping to change that -- and it's not difficult to guess why that might be.

Kensie Ravenel and Saint Ravenel on Instagram

Kathryn filed for this modification just one month after Thomas Ravenel was arrested for assault and battery.

In May, Thomas was accused of sexual assault by two women.

One of the accusations said that he had raped a woman after a date.

Another said that he had sexually assaulted his children's nanny, known to Southern Charm viewers as Nanny Dawn.

It was from the latter accusations and a 2015 warrant related to them that he was arrested.

Kathryn Dennis Pic

Previously, Kathryn had actually lost custody of her children as the resutl of a failed drug test.

She was battling substance abuse issues, and tested positive for marijuana (which is still illegal in South Carolina) and cocaine.

This spring, after the accusations came to light, Kathryn quietly moved to amend the custody agreement.

That is why she currently has 50/50 custody of the kids.

It looks like, in light of Thomas' arrest, she's hoping that the court will grant her an even larger piece of the pie.

Kathryn Dennis Unhappy at the Reunion

Kathryn has had multiple opportunities to speak about the accusations against Thomas before.

At the Southern Charm reunion special in July, she explained to Andy Cohen that she'd prefer to not comment.

"I’m not going to comment until, I guess, it’s resolved, I think," Kathryn said.

Kathryn continued: "What I’m going to focus on is the children and staying out of it."

That makes sense, especially how conscious she must have been of her newly acquired shared custody.

At the time, though, Thomas was only under investigation. In September, he was arrested.

Thomas Ravenel Mug Shot

To be clear, Thomas has not been accused of being a danger to his children.

But Kathryn -- and the court -- may fear that a man who can allegedly become a different, frightening person without warning is cause for alarm.

And it's probably worth noting that Nanny Dawn's accusations are indirectly related to his children.

Not only was she fired following her alleged assault, but she says that it happened very close in the house to where one of the children slept.

Nanny Dawn says that she tried to keep quiet -- instead of screaming -- during the assault because she was afraid of waking that child.

It was clear that the last thing that she wanted was for Thomas' child to walk into the room and witness what he was doing.

Kensie and Saint Ravenel

We do not yet know the details of the new custody arrangement that Kathryn is reportedly seeking.

It is probably safe to say that she's not looking for less time with her children.

We would never claim to be experts in family law, but we'd guess that "my ex was arrested for a violent crime committed at home and accused of another" would get the court's attention.

Whether she's seeking primary custody or to strip Thomas of any custodial rights remains to be seen.

Kathryn may be staying vague and reserved in public, but in court, it looks like she's going for the jugular.

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