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Tinsley Mortimer breathed a huge sigh of relief on Wednesday’s The Real Housewives of New York City. 

The socialite revealed to her co-stars that the game of "Truth or Dare" made her a single woman. 

Tinsley Mortimer Reveals the Truth

"After everything that happened at Bethenny’s, when I got home, I ended up calling Scott, and I said to him, ‘I need more from you. I just need you to be here. Just come to New York,’" Tinsley revealed during a confessional.

"And he said, ‘No, I can’t.’ So — that’s all she wrote."

If you watch The Real Housewives of New York City online, you know that Tinsley has struggled with the long distance between her and Scott. 

She even seemingly confirmed that Scott had a controlling nature to him, leading to Bethenny saying that they needed to get her out of the relationship. 

Luann de Lesseps Laughs in Season 11

Tinsley went to an Al-Anon meeting with Luann de Lesseps and broke the news about the end of the relationship. 

"This happened all just after that dinner, but I strangely feel this relief," she claimed, and Luann was ecstatic for her. 

It must have been horrifying for the women to watch Tinsley question everything about herself, but she’s moved on. 

Tinsley told Sonja second about it. 

"Did you have to tell me that now? I’m in such a good mood!" Sonja cackled over the news. 

Sonja Morgan Image

Tinsley admitted that Bethenny was partly to blame for it, but noted that it was for the best. 

"I’m happy to hear that Tinsley and Scott have broken up. I think it’s healthier for her," Sonja told the Bravo cameras.

"No offense to Scott, but sometimes two people aren’t meant for each other. And I definitely know that Tinsley depends too much on Scott."

Tinsley waited until she was at Dorinda’s to tell Bethenny the news, and she was super excited to tell it. 

Tinsley yelled, "Scott and I broke up! Hi! Hello! How are you?"

Bethenny Frankel on RHONY

"There is never any foreplay," Bethenny laughed to the cameras.

"It is literally jam it in, no lube and we are started. Tinsley is the poster child for breakups. She’s like (in a high-pitched voice), ‘We broke up! Haha! Ding!’ I’ve never seen a better breakup in my life. If I could break up like Tinsley, I’d break up with everybody!"

But that’s not what she said to Tinsley’s face. 

"That wasn’t the right relationship for you," Bethenny said warmly.

"That’s good news, Tinsley. I thought I was gonna have to get a rope and f–king pull you out. I really did," she added.

Ramona was the most surprised about the news. 

Ramona Singer on E!

"I really thought Tinsley would just be a hanger-onner with Scott," Ramona told the camera.

Elsewhere, there were rumors that Ramona hooked up with her ex-husband, Mario Singer. 

"Ramona can’t even believe he’s there. She turns bright red," Luann recalled. "I’ve never seen her that cute in ages! I mean, she was like a little schoolgirl!"

Dorinda dished that she heard through the grapevine that Ramona definitely hooked up with Mario. 

"Did you hook up with Mario?!" Bethenny yelled.

"Yes! She took him home!" Sonja replied while Ramona yelled back, "Absolutely not."

Ramona Singer Nearly Cries

"He came to the house to walk Coco," Ramona claimed, but Bethenny muttered, "He wanted to walk her p—y, is what he wanted."

"I stroked his face with cream!" Ramona added, while Dorinda said, "Is that the only head you stroked?"

Yikes, but also LOL. 

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RHONY airs Wednesdays on Bravo.