The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Recap: FIGHT! FIGHT! FIGHT!

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Tuesday's episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills caught up with that flashforward from the season premiere, and it had a lot to do with PuppyGate. 

Yes, the series is fast becoming ridiculous because of all the fights over this one scenario, but it's time to run down all of the wild developments that left one friendship in jeopardy. 

Kyle Richards and Lisa Vanderpump Fight

Dorit Kemsley started the hour furious about the Radar Online article that painted her in a bad light over the puppy incident. Dorit turned to Teddi Mellencamp, Erika Girardi, and Lisa Rinna to air her frustrations. 

Denise Richards was also there, but she's too happy in her life to take an interest in this petty drama. 

The women did admit that Vanderpump's decision to be interviewed on TMZ shortly after the Radar Online article went live confirmed her involvement in the original story. The ladies turned to Kyle Richards to find out whether Lisa was the type to leak stories. 

"Here's the thing," Kyle said after a pause. "Do I ever have proof or know anybody that has a connection that can dig and find out? No, so I don't know. Have I thought? Absolutely."

Kyle Richards for Season 9

"I can't sit here and tell this group of women, 'I don't believe Lisa would ever do that,' when she's been accused of this in the past," Kyle admitted in a confessional. "I wish I could say I didn't believe it. I wish I could say, 'This is not true,' but I can't."

Kyle decided to extend the olive branch to Lisa by heading over to Villa Rosa, but she wasted no time in mentioning the article that was doing the rounds. 

"If you read the article, it sounds like it comes from your camp," Kyle said, but she was clearly uncomfortable about saying it. 

Lisa said that she never even read the article properly, and tried to brush it off. 

Lisa Vanderpump for Season 9

"I'm in a really bad position here," Kyle added. "As your friend, I wanna say, 'That is not true! I don't believe that!'"

Lisa's husband, Ken, butted in, noting that Kyle should have believed Lisa from the get-go. 

"But I don't feel that, Ken!" Kyle shot back, prompting Lisa to ask Kyle if she thought she was capable of doing such a thing. 

"That's what everybody thinks, yes," Kyle replied. "It seems as if you wanted to get ahead of it so that people believe you instead of Dorit in this whole argument."

Lisa did not get an answer to her question, so she asked again, and Kyle replied that she did think Lisa would leak a story. 

Kyle Richards at 2018 AMAs

"Yes," Kyle said. "It's so blatant."

When everyone started shouting, Kyle said she only visited to let them know what was going on, but Lisa and Ken were done with her. 

"You're not her friend! You are not her friend!" Ken yelled as Lisa shouted, "I am not going to say, 'Yes, I did something,' if I didn't do it! I'm a woman with integrity that stands up for what's right! I could've thrown her under the bus."

"No, I'm done. I'm done with you, too. Kyle, I'm done. Kyle, I swear on my children's lives, on Giggy's life, I or nobody I know would give a story to Radar about Dorit. You think I did that, so I'm done with you, too."

Lisa Vanderpump and Ken Todd: Women of Influence Awards 2016

"Maybe you care more about your image than your friendships," Kyle shot back as Ken appeared with the article in question on his iPad. 

"Do you honestly think TMZ would print this...and...have you watched her?" Ken screamed, adding:

"That's so f--king genuine! And you are supposed to be her f--king friend. You're not her friend! You cannot be her f--king friend when you say something like that."

"She would never say something like that about you. You're a f--king liar! You're not my friend or her friend, so you get out. Please go. Please go! Go join the gang."

Lisa stormed off in a huff as Ken told Kyle to get out. Kyle did try to patch things up, but Ken was done. 

"Twelve years of friendship -- DONE!" he screamed after her.

Lisa Vanderpump on Season 6

"You came here to tell me I am a liar, and I don't appreciate that," Lisa added. "You know what? We're done."

"Get the f--k out of my house! I swear to you, I'm done with it!" Lisa shouted.

"They're lying bitches. They can go f--k themselves -- all of them! For Kyle to say that to me? I'm DONE WITH IT!"

Oh, damn. 

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