90 Day Fiance: Steven Frend Returns to America ... Without Olga!

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Earlier this year, Steven Frend finally reunited with Olga Koshimbetova in Russia. 

The 90 Day Fiance couple had some romantic adventures in the snow with their precious new baby in tow.

But now, Steven has come back to America without his fiance and child. WTF, Steven?!

Olga Koshimbetova and Steven Frend

The reality TV personality has been in Russia for months visiting his new family.

He got to meet the in-laws, spend some quality time with his fiance, and bond with their son Alex. 

Although Steven came home alone, he promises he has a good explanation.

Steven Frend Instagram story explaining Olga absence

"I'm in the U.S. now, Olga will be here in a week or 2," Steven clarified in a recent instagram story.

"She already has her visa," he added. "Now we just need the plane tickets."

He concluded by explaining, "I had to leave Russia without Olga early or I was going to lose my job."

Steven Frend Cradles His Son

Well, we can't fault the guy for trying to make the responsible decision.

(We also can't get over how cute he looks with little Alex!)

So, we're okay with having to wait a little longer to see if Olga and Alex get their happily ever after with Steven.

Steven and Olga Kiss

At least Steven and Olga have been keeping fans up to speed with plenty of adorable social media posts.

It looks like the couple have been having tons of fun playing in the snow ... maybe too much fun. 

Well ok, except for the time when Steven had a tobogganing accident and wound up in a neck brace.

Steven Frend wipes out (gif) in the snow

Oh, there was also the time when he got a huge chest tattoo while still wearing said neck brace.

Steven claims he had to tap out after four hours of the painful process. 

And it probably wasn't fun when some fans cried foul at Steven's choice to even get the tattoo.

Steven Frend tattoo 03

After all, big tattoos are typically expensive, and it wasn't long ago that Steven asked fans to help pay his rent.

We know Steven's had some financial struggles in the past.

For instance, Olga had to teleconference into the last season's tell-all special because because Steven could not yet afford her K-1 visa or a place for the three of them to stay. 

With those major needs on the line, it makes sense that fans might not approve of Steven spending money that they possibly sent him on fresh ink.

Steven Frend and Olga Koshimbetova Tell All

Steven does have a decent job installing fire sprinklers these days. At $16 an hour, it isn't enough to support a family of three. 

But Steven has explained that he'll continue to get significant raises if he stays with the company, and it could be a lucrative position in a few years.

With that in mind, we applaud steven for keeping his priorities straight and getting back to work.

Olga and Steven Frend and Their Baby

Even though it ended a bit early, we'll call this a successful family vacation.

We didn't see a hint of the animousity on display between the couple during the show's last season.

Steven has been controversial for his moody attitude and inconsiderate treatment of Olga on the show.

We hope all these cute Instagram moments are evidence of a healthy fresh start for the couple.

Then again, it's easy to cultivate the image of a happy family on social media, even if that's not the reality. 
Steven Carries Olga in Russia

It's still not clear what's next for the family once Olga and Alex join Steven in America. We do know Olga won't be able to work right away.

Where will they live? What will they do for money? We don't even know if they'll make a return appearance on Happily Ever After? yet. 

Hopefully we'll learn more when 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? returns later this month. 

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