Stefanie Sherk Death Ruled Suicide by Drowning

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We have a tragic update on the death of actress Stefanie Sherk.

As reported on Thursday, the wife of Academy Award nominee Demián Bichir passed away on April 20 at the age of 43.

The veteran actor himself made this sad announcement yesterday via an emotional Instagram post.

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The post reads as follows:

On behalf of the Sherk and the Bichir Nájera families, it is with inconceivable pain that I announce that on April 20, 2019, our dearest Stefanie Sherk, my beloved and loving wife, passed away peacefully.

It has been the saddest and toughest time of our lives and we don’t know how much time it will take for us to overcome this pain.

Stefanie’s beautiful, angelical and talented presence will be immensely missed.

We will hold Stefanie in our hearts forever. We thank everybody beforehand for their prayers and we respectfully ask for your understanding so we may grieve in peace and privacy in these incredibly difficult times.

It is our sincerest hope that our beautiful Stefanie, my angel and love of my life, will rest in eternal peace.

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At the time of this message, we did not know the cause of Sherk's death.

Now, however, we know a lot more.

The Los Angeles County Medical Examiner tekks The Blast that Sherk died from anoxic encephalopathy, a condition caused by lack of oxygen to brain tissue.

She was reportedly found at the bottom of her family’s swimming pool.

Asphyxia and drowning were also listed as contributing causes of her death, which was ruled a suicide.

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The autopsy has been completed and the model’s body is ready to be picked up by her family for final arrangements.

We don't know anything about Sherk's history of mental illness (if she even had one, we mean) and we don't want to speculate about such a sensitive topic at this time.

The Blast writes that Sherk weighed herself down to keep her body at the bottom of the pool -- emergency responders were able arrive at the scene in time to resuscitate her and transport to a local hospital...

... but Sherk passed away eight days later.

Stefanie Sherk and Demian Bichir

The model/actress actress and Bichir started dating in 2010.

They did not share any children, but Bichir has a daughter named Gala, who was born in 2011, from a previous relationship.

Sherk had a number of acting credits to her name at the time of her passing, including a role in Bichir’s directorial debut, Un Cuento de Circo & A Love Song in 2016.

She’s also had roles in #Hashtag: The Series, Valentine’s Day, Star Power, Loco Love, as well as the upcoming horror film Grudge, which she shot with John Cho and Andrea Riseborough.

We send our condolences to her family, friends and loved ones.

May Stefanie Sherk rest in peace.

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