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Usually, when there’s some controversy over a Kim Kardashian Instagram photo it’s because the soon-to-be mother of four is showing what some folks consider to be too much skin.

(Some people apparently believe Kim should dress like a Duggar at all times simply because she’s a mom. These people are jackasses.)

Kimye at the Cher Show
Photo via Getty

These days, however, there’s a renewed focus on Kim’s beliefs and actions, rather than just her appearance.

(Sadly, in 2019, strangers on the internet are going to find something to shame you for.)

Most of the criticism has had to do with Kim’s efforts to become a lawyer, as many seem to believe she’s not up to the task intellectually.

Kim Kardashian Discusses Parenting
Photo via CNN

Apparently, they don’t think you need to be all that bright in order to build a multimillion-dollar media empire so massive it makes your entire family rich and famous.

This week, however, there’s a new controversy, and it stems from the belief that Kim cheated — on her first husband, Kris Humphries.

Allow us to explain:

Kim-Kanye Throwback

That’s a photo posted by popular Instagram account The Shade Room.

As you can see, Kim commented, "Always had [eyes] for him" in reference to the way that she appears to be undressing Kanye with her eyes here.

The only problem is, Kim and Kanye were not yet married when this photo was taken — at least not to one another.

Kanye West and Kim Kardashian for Versace
Photo via Getty

Kim was still married to Kris Humphries at this point, and Kanye was dating Amber Rose — and these facts were not lost on many of the pics commenters.

"He was with Amber then," wrote one IG user.

"But you were married in this picture," remarked another.

"To the point you violate his relationship but okay," a third screeched.

Kim Kardashian & Kanye West: Baby #4 on the Way! [NEW DETAILS]
Photo via Instagram

One fan claimed to have sensed sparks between these two way back when this pic was snapped in 2011.

"Yep, I remember this and the look they gave each other. I was like uh uhn," the follower remarked.

Another questioned Kim’s claim that the attraction was always mutual:

"Stop lying he had an eye for you the feeling wasn’t mutual from day 1," the commenter wrote, adding:

Very Serious Kimye
Photo via Instagram

"#beforreal and I love you guys but don’t do it for the gram mama."

Needless to say, a lot of people are reading a whole lot into this photo.

But is there any truth to the claim that Kim cheated on Kris with Kanye?

We doubt it. Mostly because the marriage only lasted 74 days.

Hardly enough time for an affair.