Justin Bieber Lavishes Praise Upon Boobs of Hailey Baldwin

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Hailey Baldwin gushed about how proud she is of husband Justin Bieber.

Now, the Biebs is paying her back by proclaiming to the entire world how much he loves her.

Well, how much he loves her boobs, anyway.

Hailey Baldwin with Justin Bieber, Best Friends Photo

Coachella 2019 had its second weekend of fun, music, partying, and financially contributing to further enrich a wealthy homophobe.

(Sorry to be no fun, but it's important to think about where you spend your money when it comes to luxuries, and music festivals are a luxury)

Kendall Jenner and Hailey Baldwin have been friends for ages, and not only because they're both gorgeous models.

They've been partying at Coachella and taking the snaps to prove it.

After one particular photo that Kendall shared on social media, Hailey's husband is taking note.

Justin Bieber comments about wife Hailey Baldwin's boobs

As you can see, Hailey's assets are on full display.

The push-up effect of the corset that she's wearing is such that she's in great danger of a nip slip.

Justin didn't seem to mind the look.

In fact, he took to the comments to very publicly praise his wife's glorious cleavage.

"Baes boobs," Justin wrote, followed by a pair of fire emojis.

Hailey Baldwin Flaunts Her Tan Lines

Justin obviously loves his bae for more than just her out-of-this-world boobs.

In fact, he recently penned a romantic poem to his wife.

He followed up that poetry with prose as he continued to gush about his gorgeous partner.

"Things all around us Just get better with time," Justin observed.

He affirmed: "I fall more in love with you every day!"

Hailey Baldwin, Rainbow Bikini

"You have walked hand and hand with me," Justin praised.

He noted that she has done so "as I continue to get my emotions, mind, body and soul in tact!"

We're sure that he meant to write intact, but was too overcome with affection. We all make typos every day. Zero judgment.

"You have given me so much strength, support , encouragement, and joy," the Biebs gushed.

"I just wanted to publicly honor you," he explained of his Instagram post.

Hailey Baldwin Slays in Silver

"And," Justin added, he wanted to "remind you that the best is yet to come!"

Justin concluded his post: "Have a great shoot today my love!"

Hailey responded to Justin's very public declaration with one of her own -- minus the poem.

"I love you," Hailey's post began.

"You are an incredible man," she praised. "You make me a better human being."

Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin: Little Slice of Heaven

"You make me happier than I’ve ever been," Hailey expressed in her Instagram tribute to the Biebs.

Hailey added that she is "Insanely proud of who you are"

"And," she continued, she is immensely rpoud of "who you’re becoming."

"I love you more every single day," she affirmed.

Hailey Baldwin and Justin Bieber Make Out

They are both very cute and clearly in love.

And, despite a lot of people's perceptions that they rushed into an engagement and marriage for the wrong reasons, they seem to be good for each other.

And Hailey isn't the only one who brings hotness to the table.

Some photos that unfortunately leaked in 2016 confirmed to the world the rumor that the Biebs smuggles a python in his pants wherever he goes.

And he may be covered in 100 hours worth of tattoos, but his famous bubble butt was pristine the last time that he showed it off.

So if you don't "get" why they're compatible, just appreciate that they're appreciating each other's dynamite bods and don't worry about it.

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