Jenelle Evans Reveals Family Home Has Disappeared Into Sinkhole: We’re All Living in My She-Shed, Dude!

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If you're a longtime Teen Mom 2 viewer, then you're probably aware that Jenelle Evans is as codependent as she is volatile.

Put another way, the Carolina Hurricane has a tendency to take on interests and characteristics of her various "soulmates."

Jenelle Evans is Sad

In the case of David Eason, this means pulling a reverse-Beverly Hillbillies and moving to the country to pretend that she's not rich.

But even for well-heeled folks who don't have actual jobs, living off the land (or, in Jenelle's case, the Laaaaaand!) presents its share of challenges.

You can thank Mother Nature for that.

It seems that the 27-year-old mother of three is learning the hard way nature can be rather unforgiving - even to famous reality stars.

Jenelle Evans: Her Selfie

Throughout the eighth season of Teen Mom 2, Jenelle's sinking house provided one of the most bizarre storylines in the show's history.

Naturally, most fans assumed Evans and Eason would - eventually, in their own way, somehow - get the situation under control.

They have a ton of money, nothing but time on their hands, and a whole bunch of kids and animals to take care of.

But Evans took to Facebook today to reveal that her beloved Land has officially finished the process of devouring her house whole.

Jenelle in Leggings

"WTF, sinkholes are such a-holes, dude!" an irate Evans began her post.

She went on to reveal that her house has completely disappeared into the Earth, and even more incredibly, this image:

The entire Evans-Eason clan is now holed up in the one-room structure that had previously served as Jenelle's "she shed."

"Now the kids are sleeping on the floor," Jenelle wrote, "and I have to go into the woods just to do dru ... um, to do drawings."

"Yeah, I've taken up art to help me cope. Stop judging me! God!"

David Eason and Jenelle Evans: In Love

Surprisingly, Jenelle says the worst part of the situation is not the disappearance of her home, but rather the loss of the sizable arsenal stored within.

As you may already know, David loves his guns.

He REALLY loves guns. So much so that he boasts of never stepping outside without one or more weapons on his hip.

And it seems that without his many sidearms, Eason has become terrified of the world around him.

The Easons

"You know how scared you have to be to carry multiple guns on your own property?" Jenelle asked fans.

"Like, David won't even leave the shed because he's afraid he'll get swarmed by a pack of non-binary, immigrant animal rights activists."

Jenelle says she has no immediate plans to rebuild her home, but she is seeking compensation through legal action.

"I'm suing God, dude," she wrote in her lengthy status update.

Jenelle Evans and David Eason in December

"I feel like this was a total D-bag move on His part, and he's probably freakin' loaded, so we're hoping he'll just settle out of court."

Obviously, this whole story from the Tar Heel State is utterly ridiculous even by Jenelle Evans' utterly ridiculous standards.

Which is why you probably figured out by now that it's just a little April Fools' joke from your friends at The Hollywood Gossip.

C'mon! Were you not entertained?!

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