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Hailey Baldwin loves Justin Bieber. Justin Bieber loves Hailey Baldwin’s boobs. They got engaged. They got married. They’re husband and wife.

Fans need to accept that — but some longtime fans are still pining for a different pairing: Jelena.

Hailey has had enough, and she has snapped at the "internet kiddos" for trying to neg her into yielding her spot … to Selena Gomez.

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She may be Hailey Bieber now, but some vicious "fans" are aiming to crush her spirit until she gives up on her marriage.

"Can you stop forcing your relationship already…" comments one troll. "We all know you’re 2nd best."

That comment continues: "You always will be and always have been."

"He will leave you one day," another hater predicts. "And he will go to selenaaaaaaaaaa."

That is so mean-spirited.

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"Fake laughs," declared another troll. "He miss Selena."

"You’ll never be Selena Gomez," writes another hater. "Never ever."

These people need to get over themselves, stop harassing Hailey, and quite frankly take Selena’s name out of their mouths.

In March, Justin had to put a "fan" account in its place after he realized that an entire Instagram page was devoted to attacking his marriage.

This time, it was Hailey’s turn.

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Taking to her Instagram Stories, Hailey put the trolls in their place.

"You little internet kiddos need to learn how to move on," Hailey snapped back.

She added: "for real."

"We’re adults," she reminded her followers, thousands or even millions of whom are still minors.

She and Justin "have better things to do than waste time explaining something."

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Hailey acknowledged that they’d be clarifying things "just so [that] you can stop your delusional fantasies."

"I’m not gonna it here," she affirmed. "And let obsessive strangers try to tell me about my own husband."

That’s very fair — and a good line.

And speaking of great one-liners …

"Yuu wanna talk about somebody’s husband?" Hailey asked. "Then get your own!"

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"G’night!!" Hailey’s post concluded.

Good for her for defending herself.

This was about the closest to "he’s not gonna f–k you" that Hailey can get while talking to her own fans.

(Real talk: when lots of fans are hating on a famous hot dude’s wife, that’s usually the crus of their complaints)

But Hailey wasn’t the only woman maligned by those "fans" and their vicious comments.

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This isn’t Game of Biebers. He’s not some throne forged from 1,000 dongs welded together by dragon fire.

Even if he split with Hailey, which would involve a full blown divorce, do these shippers really think that he’d get back with Selena?

Or, more to the point, do they really think that Selena wants to get back with him?

If their reunion in late 2017 and early 2018 didn’t teach Selena that it’s just not going to work, then nothing will.

… Except, perhaps, for him waiting a couple of months and then getting engaged to his other famous ex.

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Look, a lot of people have made a lot of jokes.

(I, for one, have definitely replaced the line "it ain’t me" from Selena’s song of the same name with "Hailey Baldwin," which fits with the lyrics)

But whatever you privately thought of their sudden engagement and then rapid race to the altar last year, it’s their lives.

They’re both adults.

If you want to crack jokes — or gleefully anticipate their marriage’s collapse — you can still do that.

Just don’t do it in the comments section of Hailey’s Instagram. That is pure clownery.