Grey's Anatomy Recap: Megan Hunt Returns!

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The Hunt siblings reunited on Thursday's Grey's Anatomy, and it resulted in some tense scenes. 

The reason?

Megan had no clue Teddy was back at Grey Sloan Memorial. More importantly, she did not know Owen's former flame was pregnant with his baby. 

Megan Returns

Also, Megan was blindsided that Owen was not back together with Teddy. Owen's sister felt like there was always something between them that should be explored. 

However, Megan had no idea that Teddy was already in a relationship with Koracick. Yes, the characters on Grey's sure know how to move on!

Megan's scheming continued when she tried to manipulate Teddy into realizing it's always been Owen. 

“I watched you suffer from afar for years, I watched you love him for years, and I watched you suffer some more,” she said.

Abigail Spencer as Megan Hunt

“I’m sure the neurosurgeon is lovely, but my brother is single, and you love him, and you’ve always loved him, and he’s an idiot, but he loves you too.”

Owen was then shocked when Megan cornered him again and urged him to try again with Teddy. Owen seemed on board, but Teddy's bond with Koracick has grown stronger of late. 

Meanwhile, Alex was still worried about Jo, so he turned to Link for assistance. He was a part of his wife's past after all. 

Link showed up at the apartment with food, but she maintained that she was sick. That wasn't enough to deter Link who refused to leave. 

Jo Searches for Answers

After the two got drunk, Jo admitted that she always wondered why anybody would like her because she hated herself so much. Did this just confirm why Jo and Link didn't work out?

“My mother was a runner. She still is, apparently,” she said.

“She can’t even sit in the same room as me even though she says she loves me. And my father… I always run. It’s what I do.”

Okay then, but Jo really needs to tell Alex everything!

“I’ve seen her in rough shape before, but never like this,” Link said to Alex in the aftermath. “I want to help. I don’t know how.”

Is Webber Drinking?

Elsewhere, Richard wanted to know DeLuca more following the truth about his relationship with Meredith being revealed to just about everyone at Catherine's party. 

Richard gave DeLuca an appendectomy to do on his own, and Meredith said it could make or break his career. 

DeLuca messed up, and things got even worse when Richard asked for his game plan while in surgery. DeLuca followed that up by talking about his feelings for Meredith. 

You know where this is going, right?

Stuck in an Elevator

The good news is that DeLuca managed to pull things back by the end, making the right call and saved a life. 

“He’s a surgeon, Meredith, and a good one. He’s a good man,” Richard told Meredith, giving his seal of approval. 

Well, that's a positive, right?

Grey's Anatomy airs Thursdays at 8/7c on ABC.

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