Diddy Reveals Kim Porter's Final Words to Him

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As teased on the cover of the latest Essence magazine, Sean "Diddy" Combs just opened up.

Way, way, way up about something way, way, way personal:

The painful death of beloved ex-girlfriend Kim Porter.

Diddy Essence Cover

In the May issue of this publication, the rapper talks at length for the first time about about the loss of Porter, detailing the impact it's had on the way he goes about his daily life.

Beginning with the day she died, Diddy said his world simply "turned upside down," expounding as follows:

"Three days before she passed, she wasn't feeling well. She had the flu, and she sent the kids over to my house so they wouldn't get sick. One night I was checking on her, and she was like, 'Puffy, take care of my babies,'" he tells Essence.

"She actually said that to me before she died."

Wow, right?

Kissing Kim Porter

Porter died at the age of 47 last November.

She and Diddy dated off and on for over a decade and share three children together.

As the artist notes in this interview, Porter passed away from lobar pneumonia

It came as a total shock to those around her.

Upon learning of this trady, Diddy tells Essence that he jumped into "mommy mode." How so?

"I sent people in every direction to try to make sure the kids would not hear about it on social media or the news," he says.

Kim Porter and Diddy Image

Despite their split years ago, Porter and Diddy remained very close, friendly and amicable co-parents until the end.

She has shared a birthday tribute to the rapper just days before she died -- and Diddy credits Porter for how he responded to her passing.

"It was like some superhero sh-t. I ain't even gonna lie," he says here.

"On some level I knew she was training me for this. I knew that I had to be ready to do whatever I was supposed to do if something like this ever happened.

"There was screaming and crying when I heard the news, of course, but I had to ask myself, What would Kim do? I was scared, and I was crying out to God - and to her - and almost immediately Kim's voice kicked in, and I could hear her saying, 'Make sure you take care of my babies."

Together, Diddy and Porter shared their son Christian, 20, and 12-year-old twin daughters D'Lila Star and Jessie James.

Diddy also helped to raise Kim's son Quincy Brown, 27, from a previous relationship with singer/producer Al B. Sure.

Kim Porter with Diddy

In his eulogy at Porter's funeral, Diddy vowed to watch over them all.

And he says in this cover story that Porter continues to do so as well.

I "can hear her telling me to go and spend some time with the kids and make sure everybody's all right," as she used to in the past, he says, adding:

"I'm just a lot more present, and, most important, now my kids come before anything else in my life."

All four of the children seem to be coping as good as best as one can after losing a parent.

Heck, Diddy says they are probably doing better than him.

Concludes the star:

"One day I asked them how are they being so strong. '

"They said that, in a weird way, their mother had taught them how to deal with death... Now, ironically, they are teaching me how to deal with Kim's passing."

We continue to keep Diddy and all of Porter's loved ones in our thoughts.

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