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Earlier this week, we reported that Larissa Lima and Colt Johnson ended their divorce battle with a surprising out-of-court settlement.

Coltee's attorney has issued a statement about this surprisingly amicable resolution.

Larissa, in the mean time, had something very different to say.

Colt Johnson Shrugs

Colt Johnson's attorney issued a statement to Us Weekly, confirming that the two bitter exes have reached a divorce settlement.

"Colt Johnson and Larissa dos Santos Lima have come to settlement terms in their divorce," the statement begins.

"Through their respective attorneys," Colt's lawyer states. "They have agreed to settle the case amicably."

This might be their first truly amicable moment in a long, long time.

The attorney adds: "with both parties bearing their own fees and costs."

It is unclear if any of the property or money of Larissa's that Colt and Debbie allegedly kept was returned, or if she has simply written it off.

Colt Johnson Selfie

Being Colt Johnson's attorney, he shared his insight upon his client's state of mind.

"Colt is very pleased that the matter is resolved," the statement reveals.

That makes sense, given that it was Colt who was on the hook.

The attorney continues: "and that both parties can move on with their lives."

Larissa had been asking for an equal share of their home's furnishings, of their shared bank accounts.

She was also seeking $1,000 a month in spousal support.

Larissa Lima and Colt Johnson in Therapy

"Given the short duration of the marriage," Colt's attorney says.

Notably, the couple married in June of 2018 and separated (and filed for divorce) in January of 2019.

That's about seven months of a very troubled marriage.

"And" the statement continues. "With there being no property matters or custody considerations."

They thankfully had no children together, and apparently made no major purchases together.

"The matter should have, and has, settled early in the proceedings," he opines.

Larissa and Colt for 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After?

"The attorneys are preparing the Stipulated Decree to submit to the Court," Colt's attorney reveals.

"Which," he notes. "Will be signed and entered."

There is good news for nosy 90 Day Fiance fans (like ourselves)!

If there's anything interesting in their divorce settlement, it looks like we will all get to see it.

The attorney states: "and will then be a matter of public record."

"Colt wishes Larissa the best in her future endeavors," the statement concludes.

Larissa Lima is Back on Instagram

Also this week, Larissa marked a major milestone for her fans and followers on Instagram.

"Yesterday was one year of my arrival in the United States," Larissa writes, noting the anniversary.

Larissa is the first to admit that she has "learned a lot in the past one year."

She even acknowledges that she "made mistakes."

All jokes aside, even Larissa's most diehard fans know that marrying Colt was not her only use of poor judgment last year.

"But in the end," Larissa writes. "I'm just grateful for everything."

Larissa Lima with a Rose

Though she has previously expressed (at her divorce party, no less) that she regrets having done the show, she also has fond memories.

"90 day fiance was a great experience," Larissa admits.

A huge part of what made it positive was her fans.

"I love that I connect with people that always support me," she writes.

Larissa says: "They know how much I care."

Larissa Photo

"I never forgot that my 'dream' was juts do to CVS and buy Maybelline or visit Walmart," Larissa shares.

Some folks have humble dreams, or simply odd personal goals when it comes to international travel.

"Well," Larissa writes. "Now my dream is a biggie house with a pool."

Like the one that she had hoped that Colt would have.

"Thankfully," Larissa concludes. "I'll get it with my own strength."

That is a commendable and positive attitude. She has undergone a tremendous amount of personal growth.

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