Chelsea Houska Struggles To Move On After Home Burglary!

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Things have been looking up for Chelsea Houska lately -- considering her healthy kids, her prized husband, and her immense fortune -- but that doesn't mean everything's been all sunshine and rainbows. 

The Teen Mom 2 star is opening up about the terrifying moment she and her family realized that their South Dakota home had been robbed. 

That's right -- the family became victims of a home invasion! Luckily, it was while they were all on a family vacay and no one was harmed. 

Houska, Chelsea

In a sneak peek clip of Monday's Teen Mom 2 episode, Chelsea and her husband Cole DeBoer returned home to find their house had been raided, according to OK! Magazine

The family of five noted that everything seemed fine until Chelsea headed into the bedroom to find the couple's closet completely torn apart. 

"We realized our house was broken into while we were gone," Chelsea says in a voice-over.

Houska, C.

"It's been over a week now and I'm still shaken up"

Chelsea and Cole recounted the incident to their MTV producer Mandi. 

"She walked back to our room and she came out and she went white," Cole said of Chelsea. "She said something's not right in here."

Cole DeBoer. Chelsea Houska. Happiness.

"Our master bedroom closet was absolutely destroyed. S**t everywhere. Bins dumped. I just instantly freaked." 

DeBoer quickly gathered their kids Aubree, Layne, and Watson into the master room, while he ran around the house ready to confront any lingering burglar. 

Once he realized no one was in the house, Cole became extremely angry. 

The DeBoers at De Reunion

"Seeing them terrified, I think I was the most pissed I've ever been!" Cole shared.

He immediately jumped into action and called 911 to report the crime. 

Police, however, have yet to figure out what actually happened and who was responsible for the crime. 

Chelsea Houska and Fam

Cole and Chelsea did not reveal what all was stolen, but Chelsea said she and Aubree are having a hard time getting over the break-in. 

Aubree says that she has been unable to sleep in her own room since it happened and admits that she has been sleeping on the couch instead.

"I want to move!" Chelsea said despite the fact that the family just moved into the house late last year. 

Chelsea Houska Breastfeeds

Cole, however, is taking a more logical approach to the situation as the family just finally got settled into their new, expansive home.

The couple bought the property -- which sits on six acres of land and offers five bedrooms -- at the end of 2018 for over $400,000, while they were expecting their third child Layne, according to In Touch

And even though Cole would rather not pick up and move again he is also respecting his wife's wishes. 

"I'm still on your side, though. Whatever you need to do, and whatever it takes for you to feel better, you do it."

Chelsea Houska and Cole DeBoer as a Pair

Houska worried that while the memory of the burglary might fade from the minds of the rest of her fam, she as the mother may have a harder time shaking the incident and regaining a sense of safety for her children. 

"I feel like everyone's gonna get over it, and I'm not gonna be over it," she tells the producer.

"They're gonna be like, 'Get the hell over it!' and I can't."

Chelsea and Cole Picture

As we have learned from this scenario, there's nothing that really prepares you for a robbery. 

Burglars don't stick a "You're About To Be A Home Invasion Victim" guide in your mailbox a few days before they come into your house.

And while this disturbance has, of course, filled Chelsea and her family with panic and fear -- we hope they can soon reclaim their peace of mind. 

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