Brandi Glanville Admits to Mixing Booze and Pills Following Release of Unflattering Photos

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Former Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Brandi Glanville doesn't make many headlines these days.

That's not surprising, given that Brandi was fired from RHOBH way back in 2015, and life after reality fame usually isn't very kind to those who have been chewed up and spit out by the Bravo machine.

Brandi Cleavage

But Brandi has never been one to relinquish the spotlight without a fight, and so, she's clung to relevance in the usual ways -- snarky comments about her former co-stars, a sporadically-produced podcast, etc.

Of course, none of that has helped Brandi retain household name status (if she ever reached such heights to begin with) and these days, it seems she's very much in danger of fading into obscurity.

The good news is, Brandi is once again garnering major attention on social media this week.

Brandi Glanville in Glasses

The bad news is, it's all because of some unflattering photos and her facepalm-inducing response.

The images below appeared on Twitter and Instagram earlier this week.

They appear to show Brandi during a night out, and as you can see, she looks somewhat worse for wear.

Glanville quickly took to Twitter to offer an explanation:

Brandi Unflattering Pics

"I’ve been VERY open about Suffering from depression and having recently switched antidepressants," the mother of two wrote.

"So please please stop these negative comments unless you really just want to send me over the f–king edge. I’m sad and ashamed isn’t that enough?"

She later added:

"Sorry for my tweet I just realized the only people I owe explanations to are my family.

Brandi Glanville Looking Comfy

"I’m not 25 my body isn’t perfect and I got wasted i’m sure it’s happened to plenty of you however you don’t have people taking your picture and putting on the internet."

Sad stuff, to be sure, but did Brandi really think she would lessen the negative attention by revealing that she's in the habit of binge drinking while experimenting with new psychiatric medications?

That's simply not a good look at any age, and not surprisingly, Brandi received even more blowback from her explanatory tweets.

And here's how she responded:

“I’m telling you I’m embarrassed,” Brandi tearfully admits, as she pleads for compassion.

She also admits to struggling as she watches her friends enjoy lives with their "perfect husbands."

(You may recall that Brandi's ex-husband, Eddie Cibrian, left her for LeAnn Rimes following a very public cheating scandal.)

Brandi Glanville On Hollywood Today Live

It's hard not to feel sympathy for Brandi, but many Instagram users commented that they don't feel bad for her in the slightest, as Brandi has rarely shown compassion to others who are suffering.

It's a complex situation, but we say a good rule of thumb is to always ease up on those who appear to be suffering.

Here's hoping Brandi will eventually get whatever kind of help she needs.

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