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Khloe and Tristan have finally, finally broken up.

While a wealth of reports say that Tristan has ghosted Khloe and even ditched his own daughter in the aftermath, a new one says the opposite.

Is Khloe the one keeping father and daughter apart?

Khloe Kardashian and Tristan Thompson on Halloween

RadarOnline reports that Khloe and Tristan may be about to engage in a heated custody battle.

"Khloe is trying to prevent Tristan from seeing True," an insider claims.

Wow! That’s startling to hear.

"And," the source continues. "It is really starting to piss him off."

That’s so interesting, especially since Tristan hasn’t been photographed with True since Thanksgiving of last year.

Khloe and Tristan's Thanksgiving

"He is her father," the insider complains.

"And he is furious," the source continues. "That she is trying to use True as a pawn in her game!"

"Tristan understands what he did wrong," the insider claims.

If so, that’s the first that we’re hearing of it.

So far, Tristan has seemed unaffected by the cheating scandal.

The source continues: "but he just really feels like it is unfair of Khloe to try and put True in the middle."

Tristan Thompson Dances with True Thompson

Apparently, Khloe isn’t going to get away with these alleged shenanigans for long.

"Tristan will take Khloe to court if he has to," the insider warns.

"And," the source threatens. "He knows that he will win if it gets to that point."

Statistically, sure, men who seek custody of their kids are likely to succeed.

But … is this report true?

True Thompson in Pastels

First of all, as with any unconfirmed report, this could always be bogus.

Sometimes "sources" leak things that don’t pan out. Sometimes it’s at the request of a celebrity, sometimes it’s not.

But if someone truly believes this, we have to wonder.

Is Khloe really keeping True from Tristan? Or … is Tristan just telling people that?

There have been so many reports that say that Tristan doesn’t show much of an interest in fatherhood unless he’s strongarmed into it.

We’d love to believe that he’s had a change of heart, but … Occam’s Razor says otherwise.

Tristan Thompson Kisses Baby True Thompson

So, maybe Tristan is using "Khloe is keeping her from me" as an excuse — or maybe not.

Either way, the claim that he knows that what he did was wrong also catches our attention.

There have been no indications that Tristan truly regrets having cheated oh Khloe — any of the many, many times.

Khloe herself said that he’s just sorry that he got caught.

So … this insider’s estimation of Tristan’s character and paternal insticts doesn’t match up with any other description of him.

Tristan Thompson the Cheater

Finally, does this sound plausible from Khloe’s perspective?

Well … no.

See, Khloe has, since April of 2018, seemed to have a bizarre fixation on making sure that True has both parents in her life.

Reports say that this was the primary reason for which she gave Tristan a second chance.

In real life, we know that single parents (and step parents) can provide a wealth of love for children.

But Khloe may have been projecting her own issues with her parents’ divorce upon True.

Tristan Thompson, Kids

Having your parents break up can have a powerful impact upon a child, but not when you’re literally a newborn.

Khloe could have split from Tristan and True would have just grown up with her parents living apart. It happens.

Regardless, if this report defies all expectations by being true, Tristan may not want to play his hand in a court of law.

His history of parental disinterest may come back to bite him.