The Walking Dead Recap: Did Daryl Survive a Tussle with Beta?

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Sunday's episode of The Walking Dead played out in two strands:

We had Daryl, Connie, Henry, and Lydia fighting The Whisperers in one, and The Kingdom meeting a new threat in the other. 

Connie and Daryl Unite Against the Whisperers

At the top of the hour, Daryl and his group were on the run after leading walkers into the Whisperers' camp. 

Daryl was less than impressed with Lydia, primarily because she lied about how many of her people there actually were. 

He didn't want to return to the Hilltop because Alpha knew where it was, and that would probably be the first place she would look. 

Henry floated the idea of him and Lydia running away, but Daryl was not about to let that happen. 

Henry Goes After Lydia - The Walking Dead

“Think of your mom,” he told the lovestruck teenager. Something tells me Henry doesn't have the capacity to think of anyone but himself. 

Connie, who is fast becoming one of the best characters on the show took her new friends to an abandoned apartment building which looked like it was under construction when the world came to an end. 

She proved she was resourceful when she showed off a stash that she kept there in the event she or her people had to run back. 

Daryl said he and the team could clear passages for the Whisperers to come up the building, and that it would leave no room walkers to make their way up. 

Daryl was surprised when Lydia said that Beta would be sent first because he's the best fighter she has, Daryl admitted he was ready for a fight. 

Daryl Reasons with Alpha

“Good,” he said. “Kill him first.”

Daryl and Connie then got into it about how they would deal with Lydia after the fight. Connie said she was staying with them, but Daryl was against it. 

When the Whisperers arrived, Daryl put Lydia in a closet with the dog and said he would come back for her. 

Henry was attacked and injured, but Lydia broke out, and Dog wasted no time in laying waste to the Whisperers. 

Daryl and Beta got into their big tussle, and Beta had the upper hand. They were knocking walls down during their battle, with the new villain saying he just wanted the girl. 

Daryl Dixon Kills Again

Daryl managed to trick Beta and threw him down an elevator shaft, presumably to his death. 

However, he reanimated, leaving us to question whether he's a walker or still alive. 

Elsewhere, the Kingdomers worried that the fair was never going to become a reality and that was down to a new group of villains called the Highwaymen. 

They said they would not allow our heroes to use the roads to get to the fair unless a toll was paid. 

Carol and Ezekiel rounded up some of their friends and closest allies and made their way to the lair of the new bad guys. 

After trying to reason with the villains, they said they were going to kill our heroes, but then Carol dropped the gamechanger. 

Carol on The Walking Dead Season 8

“When’s the last time any of you have seen… a movie?" she asked. And just like that, a deal was struck, and the Highwaymen vowed to keep the roads clear. 

Their first order of business was to save Tara and the Hilltoppers from a group of villains as they made their way to the fair. 

As the episode drew to a close, Daryl said they would go to Alexandria because it was nearer. 

This is not going to end well. 

What did you think of the episode?

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