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Meghan Markle’s got it all. 

Beauty, grace and of course her prince charming. 

But now, she’s got herself a twin! 

Meghan Markle Look-alike
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Thousands of women all around the world are inspired by the Duchess of Sussex’s kindness and killer fashion sense, but for one Houston-based woman, well she is inspired by her face

Xochytl Greer (yes that is the woman’s name and not a type of dinosaur), works as an attorney in Houston, Texas and recently spent $30,000 on plastic surgery to emulate the royal. 

Cameras from ABC’s Nightline followed Greer into the operating room last November to get a peek at her wild procedure. 

And now, she’s sitting down with Entertainment Tonight to share her results and reveal how looking like the beloved Duchess has changed her life. 

Meghan Markle is Pregnant
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Greer is a mother of three and first became a fan of Markle after seeing her on Suits

"I really liked her character, Rachel Zane," she told the interviewer. "I thought that she was a strong woman… She came off very wholesome, very conservative." 

She added that her love only intensified once she started dating Prince Harry. 

Into the Woods
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"She’s like our very own American princess, right? So I love that," Greer expressed. 

"I love that she gets to portray America and kind of represent America into this royalty now! I enjoyed it because it thrust her into the spotlight even more."

The woman even took her admiration a step further by persuading the room that she is very "relatable" to Markle and that the two have several similarities between them. 

Beyond their now identical faces. 

Meghan Markle in Red Coat
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Like Markle, Greer has been previously married and divorced. 

She also identifies with Markle’s biracial (half-white and half-black) background while Greer herself is half-Mexican and half-white. 

The crazed woman even admits to having her own "family issues" and to top it all off, Greer loves the fact that both she and Markle have experience in law. 

Meghan Markle Suits GIF
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Well, if she is regarding Meghan’s character in Suits, I guess that is in some way accurate. 

"I’m an attorney… I find that very relatable with Meghan," she shared. 

"And I know she’s not an attorney, she’s an actress, and now the Duchess of Sussex. So, it’s not really her, individually, but it’s a character that she plays," Greer tried to reason. 

"But it’s something that I can draw more commonality to and feel closer to her about." 

Meghan Markle Royally Waves
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And while she feels a sense of connection to Markle on the inside, Greer went under the knife to endure major surgery to look like Markle on the outside. 

Fat grafts were put into her cheeks and her buttocks and liposuction was performed on her abdomen as well as her inner and outer thighs. 

She had filler put into her jawline, as well as in her lips and under her eyes and also had a nose job. 

Meghan Markle: Bumpin!
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"Once all the bruising went away and swelling went down, I looked in the mirror and I just felt happy again," Greer says. 

Her 2-year-old daughter can’t even tell the difference between her mom and the Duchess of Sussex. 

"She’s like, ‘It’s mommy on TV! It’s mommy!’ and I’m like, ‘Nope, that’s not mommy.’"

Meghan Markle Happy
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The surgeon, Dr. Franklin Rose, of Utopia Plastic Surgery & Med Spa, who performed the procedures in November 2018 says patients wanting to look like famous people is nothing new. 

"Meghan Markle is very pretty so people want her nose," Dr. Rose told The Sun

Seeing his patient’s confidence go "through the roof" makes the physician happy about his work. 

Xochytl Greer On
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"She resembled Meghan Markle before but now looks even more like her," he said. 

The 36-year-old, who admits she got the surgery to gain back her confidence after her divorce, says she’s now open to looking for love on a reality show.

"I did apply for Married at First Sight," she admitted. 

Xochytl Greer
Photo via instagram

"I actually had a friend who was like, ‘I’m going to put your name in the hat for Bachelorette. ‘Would I do it? I don’t know."

Well, this may not be the last time we see or hear from Xochytl Greer, though I wish I could say it was. 

Anyone else have the creeps?!