Jon Walters Claps Back at Troll: Rachel Wouldn't Abandon Her Daughter!

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90 Day Fiance: Before The 90 Days stars John Walters and Rachel Bear are husband and wife and counting down the days until their reunion.

In the mean time, however, one of their so-called "fans" had the audacity to suggest that they not bother waiting.

The troll suggested that Rachel abandon her young daughter to be with Jon. Both parents are clapping back.

Jon Walters and Rachel Bear Visit Stonehenge

Jon and Rachel are still two weeks away from their long-anticipated reunion.

One follower got tired of their eagerness and made a truly heartless suggestion on Rachel's Instagram.

"Just relocate to the U.K," the comment begins.

"Your older daughter will join you later," the comment reads.

"Or you’ll be reunited with her when Jon gets his visa," the comment concludes.

You'd think that the person was suggesting that Rachel find a new place to store her furniture during a move.

Rachel Walters replies on IG: never abandon daughter

Rachel saw that horrifying suggestion and thoroughly rejected it.

"I will never ever ever ever leave my daughter behind," Rachel emphasizes in response.

It is clear that she's not just mortified by the "advice."

She's insulted that anyone would ever think that she would just leave her very young daughter for months at a time.

Rachel is an adult. She can wait.

What she cannot do is miss months of her daughter's life on a whim.

Jon Walters

Jon saw that comment and lashed out at trolls in a more general sense.

"Miserable trolls actually think they can cause pain," Jon observes.

He writes that they try to cause anguish "by being mean and ridiculing us for how we look or our relationship or the fact we’re not wealthy."

He and Rachel have been viciously criticized along these lines, but so have countless others.

"But," Jon says. "I know for an absolute fact we have more heart and courage than they will ever have."

Jon Walters and Rachel Bear

Jon continues, writing "that they will never love or be loved the way we do."

"They are miserable people," Jon asserts.

Yes, in ever sense of the word.

Jon concludes by describing these trolls as people "who are either alone or they settled."

It may sound like he's just hurling insults back as his attackers ... but he's not wrong.

Jon Walters, 90 Day Fiance: Before The 90 Days

As Jon explains, trolls are people who try to feel better about themselves and more powerful by hurting others.

If they can ruin a stranger's day, or better yet a celebrity's, that makes them feel more in control.

Even without a reaction, they use nasty comments to vent. It's another way of making themselves feel better.

Jon, a man who grew up having to get into physical fights in his neighborhood in order to avoid becoming a victim of violence himself, understands powerlessness.

But that's never an excuse to lash out at others.

That is a lesson that Jon learned for himself.

Rachel and Jon kiss on selfie cam

From day one, Rachel and Jon have done everything that they can to make sure to accommodate for Rachel's daughter.

They haven't waited all of this time to just ditch that.

There are people in this world who would abandon their young child with a relative to go spend months with a man they love.

Rachel is not a monster. She wouldn't do that.

Please be nicer -- even when communicating with celebrities.

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