Matt Brown: Worried Family Isn't Sure If He's Sober or Not

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Last year, Alaskan Bush People star returned to rehab after his family gave him an ultimatum.

He completed his stint and, with a stumble along the way, has been dedicated to staying sober and reconnecting with his family.

Now, however, Matt has his family worried that he's on the verge of relapse -- if he hasn't already fallen off of the wagon.

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RadarOnline reports that the Brown family is nervous that Matt is about to slide back into old, destructive habits.

"Matt is causing reason for worry again," the insider sadly reveals.

According to the source, Matt has them on edge "because he just got heavily paid!"

Now that Season 9 is airing and Matt cleaned up his act, he's been paid for letting Discovery film him on his sobriety journey.

That paycheck? $250,000.

Matt Brown Sees the Ocean

"He finally got the money that was being withheld from him," the insider reveals.

This wasn't TV business shenanigans -- this was family business about his sobriety.

The source shares that Matt's pay was being blocked "by his parents."

They weren't stealing from him, the insider clarifies, mearely holding onto it "while he got his act together."

Most people's families wouldn't be particularly worried if their child just received a quarter of a million dollars through safe, legal work.

But addiction is a peculiar beast.

Matt Brown

"It’s really a double-edged sword," the source explains of Matt receiving a hefty payday.

"Because whenever Matt gets paid," the insider observes. "He goes missing."

He doesn't get kidnapped -- he just spends some time (and money) away from his family.

But the Browns know that he has personal troubles "and everyone just assumes he is using again."

We all feel the urge to celebrate if we secure a hefty payday.

Unfortunately, for Matt, celebrations are a potential threat to his health.

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Apparently, the aura of mystery that currently follows Matt has his family very nervous.

"It is at the point where no one really knows if he wants to be sober or not," the source admits.

The report stresses that this isn't concern over the family's public image or over their show's reputation.

According to the insider: "it is really just more about wanting Matt to be okay."

Of course. His health is their first priority.

Matt Brown at the Beach

It turns out that they're a little worried that it could take a while before they know if he needs help again.

"The problem is," the source laments. "That Matt will really tell you whatever it is you want to hear."

It's not that he's a compulsive liar or some sort of bobblehead (blissfully agreeing with the last person to whom he spoke).

This is about the nature of addiction and what it does to a person's ability to admit when they are spiraling.

The insider concludes: "He is not known for being honest about his sobriety."

No addict is.

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Matt's last big fall off of the wagon was a simple coping mechanism: at the time, his mother was dying of cancer.

Ami Brown beat the odds and lived to see two of her children get married and to welcome her grandbaby, Elijah Connor.

But let's not write off Matt just yet.

It sounds like, at the moment, Matt is just spending time on his own without his family.

He's been seeing a therapist, he has a sober coach, and he's been going to meetings.

Matt wants to keep on the straight and narrow as much as his family does, we're sure.

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