Leah Messer Updates Fans on Sick Daughter: Is Adalynn Okay?!?

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Leah Messer has some very good news to share with her followers.

And it has to do with her six-year old daughter, Adalynn.

L Messer

Late last week, Messer put quite the scare into her fans when she posted photos of the infant in the hospital and wrote as a caption to the images:

“Even though she’s sick she was making everyone laugh in the ER. WHAT. A. DAY. Keep our girl in your prayers!"

We've been doing exactly that for days now, which is why we were so relieved to read Messer's Instagram Story on Tuesday.

All Messer really added at the time was that little Addie was suffering from an infection and being treated with antibiotics.

We've been curious ever since just what's going on with Addie and if she's on a road to recovery.

Thankfully, Leah has now come through with an important and extensive update.

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“Addie never lost her spirit,” the Teen Mom 2 star wrote yesterday, elaborating as follows:

“She was still so funny. The doctor in the ER was like, ‘Man, she has such a personality to be six years old, and I was like, ‘Oh, you haven’t seen nothing yet.’ … She definitely proved me right by talking and laughing and goofing off in the ER.”

Leah added:

“Addie needs her own show. She is quite the entertainer.”

(For the record: We'd totally be there for this! Wouldn't you be?!?)

As for what actually caused Messer to be admitted to the hospital?

Leah's Daughter Is Sick

Messer didn't delve into too many specifics, which we totally understand given the sensitive and private nature of her daughter's health problems.

But the 26-year old did add that Addie had “swollen lymph nodes” and was put on antibiotics for a couple of weeks.

“Thankfully, the swelling is going down,” she said. “Now we’re just going to get more blood work. … It’s been crazy, but thankfully, she’s getting much better.”

We are SO very glad and relieved to hear it.

Addie Calvert Hospital Pic

As loyal Teen Mom 2 fans know well, Messer welcomed her daughter with her ex-husband Jeremy Calvert in 2013, three years after giving birth to twins Aliannah and Aleeah, 9, with her first husband, Corey Simms.

Still close to his child, Calvert also posted a picture of Addie under doctor's supervision a few days ago, writing as a caption at the time:

“Hospital with this little one all day, I hope my baby girl starts feeling better.”

In semi-related news, Messer split from boyfriend Jason Jordan not long before Addie got sick.

She told Instagram followers that she is now "single as a Pringle," which is an ironic made-up saying because no one has ever eaten just a single Pringle; once you pop the top on a can of this chips, you can't stop devouring them.

“You can meet a good person but that don’t mean the person’s good for you," Messer concluded on the topic.

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