Lauryn Shannon: June and Geno Have Been Fighting for MONTHS

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On March 13, June Shannon was arrested with crack cocaine. Her boyfriend, Geno Doak, was also arrested.

Mama June has yet to speak about her arrest, but that is no longer the case for the rest of her family.

Lauryn "Pumpkin" Shannon is opening up about her family's troubles, and revealing that this has been going on for a long time.

Lauryn "Pumpkin" Shannon

On Friday, the new episode of Mama June: From Not to Hot began with a statement on the titular star's current scandal.

19-year-old Pumpkin Shannon broke her silence to address her mother's controversial arrest.

"Hey guys," Pumpkin's statement begins. "As you know, you’ve seen the stuff out in the media."

"And our family is going through a rough patch," she understates.

"But this year alone," Pumpkin notes. "We have had a lot of happiness."

Mama June and Her Family, Growing Up Hip Hop: Atlanta Premiere

Pumpkin seems determined to focus on the positives.

"And," she says. "When my mom and Alana were out in California and everything seemed good."

But, Pumpkin reveals, that peace and happiness couldn't last.

"Then the next couple months rolled around," Pumpkin laments. "And things took a turn."

Ultimately, it built up to the couple's arrest.

Lauryn "Pumpkin" Shannon Picture

Vague though she was, Pumpkin was helpful in making it clear that the fight and arrest was not some sudden thing.

"We’re sharing our story in hopes that it helps another family," Pumpkin explains.

"And," she expresses. "I sincerely want to thank our fans for always being there."

"And," Pumpkin concludes. "Loving and supporting us."

The Shanon family is controversial for a number of good reasons.

But we can all agree that Mama June's brood don't deserve the fallout for their mother's actions.

Lauryn Shannon on TV

As you can see, Pumpkin is delicately dancing around the actual subject.

June and her boyfriend, Geno, were both arrested for possession of a controlled substance and for possession of drug paraphernalia.

Allegedly, what they had was crack cocaine and a crack pipe.

What's quite frankly more alarming than what adults choose to put into their bodies is why they were arrested in the first place.

Police arrested the couple because they were in a fight.

In addition to the drug charges, Geno has been charged with third degree domestic violence.

Geno Doak Mugshot

We TV also released their own statement at the beginning of the latest episode.

"We share our viewers concerns for June Shannon and her entire family," the message begins.

Well yeah -- if June once again becomes too problematic for television, they can't make money from her anymore.

"We are monitoring events as they occur," the statement continues.

"And," the message concludes. "Are focused, as always, on the entire family’s well-being."

That message echoes a tweet that the network aired earlier last week.

Geno Doak Photo

Mama June's preliminary hearing is scheduled for Wednesday, March 27.

Obviously, she is a reality star.

Neither drug use nor an arrest is likely to get her flat-out fired unless the network is looking for an excuse or viewers make it an issue.

The domestic violence charge against Geno could be another matter.

Remember, Here Comes Honey Boo Boo was canceled after June was caught with the man who had previously served in prison for molesting her own daughter.

If viewers and execs alike fear that she has once again introduced a dangerous man into her family's lives, From Not to Hot could be history.

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