Kim Kardashian Pays Rent For Impoverished Ex-Con, Continues to Outrage Haters By Being Awesome

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There was a time when it was fashionable to hate on Kim Kardashian.

For many, that's still probably the case -- but anyone who's been paying attention to Kim's recent philanthropic activities might find it difficult to disparage the iconic reality star.

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As you may have heard, Kim recently helped to secure presidential pardons for multiple non-violent offenders serving life sentences due to drug-related charges.

Of course, as anyone who's ever been close to a former inmate knows, life after prison can present almost as many challeges as life on the inside.

For one thing, ex-cons often find it difficult to secure not only employment, but also proper housing,

Taking a Call

And when one Kim learned that one of the former inmates that she'd helped to earn clemency was facing discrimination by landlords, she intervened in admiralble fashion.

Matthew Charles served 20 years of a 35-year sentence before being released under the terms of the First Step act.

Unfortunately, the joy of freedom proved to be short-lived, as Charles was denied housing in one of the only apartment complexes he could afford due to his low credit score and prison record.

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Hardiman helped bring Charles' plight to Kim's attention via social media, and this week, he reported that Kim has offered toi pay Charles' rent for the next five years!

“When I told Charles about Kim's generous gift he was overwhelmed!" Hardiman wrote revealed on Monday.

"He was truly humbled that Kim was willing to lift that burden from him. Charles told me Kim's generosity will allow him to save enough money to eventually put a down payment on his first house. Kim has changed his life!"

Kardashian in Black

Not only will Kim be footing the bill for Charles' housing, she's also offered to vouch for him to any landlords who harbor concerns about his credit or character.

For his part, Charles excitedly shared the news in an emotional Facebook post.

"I just received the most wonderful news tonight that I just had to share with everyone. Kim Kardashian West... heard about my situation. Was moved and has decided to help me," Charles wrote.

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"Kim did not do this for attention or publicity, but I had to share it, because it's to good not to, and my heart is about to burst with happiness, that I wish you to rejoice in this news with me."

Yes, Kim not only performed this selfless act for a downtrodden person in need, she refrained from tooting her own horn about what a good person she is.

It's getting really hard for the Kim haters to make their case.

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