Kim Kardashian Takes Up New Cause, Meets Again with Donald Trump

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Kim Kardashian is a woman on a mission.

And, for once, that mission does NOT involve taking her clothes off and/or shilling for some kind of unhealthy weight loss supplement.

Kim Kardashian Gives Interview

That's the last time we'll mock Kim in this post because we really do need to tip our proverbial hat to her ongoing efforts to work on criminal justice reform in America.

Yes, Kim Kardashian has become a prominent voice when it comes to criminal justice reform in America.

As you let that sink in, we'll remind readers that Kardashian successfully lobbied Trump to release Alice Johnson from prison in June.

The former sex tape star met with President Trump in the oval office (below) and advocated for the release of Johnson, a woman from Alabama who had already served 21 years behind bars for a drug offense.

He really understood, and I am very hopeful that this will turn out really positively," Kim said later of her meeting with the perpetually horny Commander-in-Chief.

Kardashian later said she was naked when she talked to Trump one time, which was a weird thing to say.

Kim Kardashian and Donald Trump

But this all brings us to Wednesday morning.

According to TMZ and other sources, Kim flew overnight from Los Angeles to D.C. and once again sat down with the President today, this time to discuss Chris Young, a manwho is serving a life sentence in Tennessee for cocaine and marijuana possession.

He is 30 years old and has been behind bars for about a decade so far.

Appearing this week on Jason Flom's Wrongful Conviction podcast, Kim said the following about Young, who was arrested in 2010:

When I was talking to Chris Young, who's in prison [and] has sickle cell anemia...

So, he's had to have a few surgeries and he's been in a medical facility for a few years, and he goes back into the maximum-security prison where lifers have to go.

And he's had a perfect record.... He was saying, 'I can stay out of trouble in here, but going in there there's stabbings, there's this. And if you're near that you can get in trouble so easily.'

He just didn't want to get caught up in a situation that had nothing to do with him, but could very much have.

Kim Kardashian Insta Pic

No matter what you think of Kim and her relatives, this is an admirable effort and cause.

Many activisits out there have been working on prison reform and have attempted to bring attention to how drug offenses disproportionately affect people of color.

But few have the platform that Kardashian possesses.

Wouldn't it be amazing if she really started using it for reasons that go beyond promoting her own beauty products?

"It's scary when you have a minor drug charge but then you get life and you're stuck in this crazy maximum-security prison with murderers and people [like that]," Kim added on this podcast.

"It's a completely different environment than the environment that he's so used to."

Kim Kardashian in Tight Yellow

In her White House meeting today, Kim also sat with Jared Kushner, Van Jones and Judge Kevin Sharp, who sentenced Young.

Said Press Secretary Hogan Gidley:

"Today at the White House, members of the Administration are hosting a listening session about the clemency process. The discussion is mainly focused on ways to improve that process to ensure deserving cases receive a fair review."

Young was brought to Kardashian's attention by Buried Alive Project co-founder Brittany Barnett.

"Her and I have been in contact [about] Chris Young, who I'm working with now, and all these other people," Kardashian says.

"She really brings me people that [need help]. She really was backing Alice for years and helping Alice."

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