Khloe Kardashian: I Wanna Get a Boob Job!

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Even with her legendarily sexy body, Khloe Kardashian couldn't make Tristan respect her.

Now, she's confessing that she feels like something's missing with one of her body's features -- her boobs.

After flaunting her cleavage in a push-up bra, Khloe tells her fans and followers that she's seriously considering getting implants.

Khloe Kardashian Flaunts a Plunging Neckline

As you will see in the image below, Khloe was rocking a plunging neckline and some serious cleavage on her Instagram Stories.

"You guys," she confessed to her followers on Tuesday. "Bras like this make me wanna get my boobs done."

"Because this cleavage," she said, emphasizing what was very much on display.

"I mean," Khloe said. "It’s iconic."

If you take a look at what she has on display, you'll probably agree.

Dang, girl.

Khloe Kardashian shows off Cleavage in push-up bra

She admits that it's not her natural look.

"But when I take the bra off," Khloe laments. "Sorry guys,"

She observes that "there’s really nothing there anymore after the baby."

Notably, breasts can grow larger and more tender during pregnancy, and in the months following childbirth.

"But," Khloe resolves. "We can fake it until we make it, honey."

Khloe Kardashian Pushes Detox Tea on Impressionable Followers

Whenever a woman begins to talk about getting her breasts enlarged or reduced, everyone comes out of the woodwork with their opinion.

It's a natural response -- I used to fall into that trap, too -- and it's also bad.

One guy will say that larger is better, another that smaller is better.

Then the concern trolls might say that no one should "deface" their natural beauty.

What matters is how Khloe feels about her boobs -- not what anyone else feels about them.

They're hers. Big or small, she's the only one who has to live with them.

Khloe Kardashian Screams "LIAR!"

Some of Khloe's fans and followers immediately began to worry that there was an underlying cause to Khloe's body image issue.

Instead of opining about optimal boob size and whether or not Khloe was already there, they spun their own theories.

Khloe just got out of a long-term relationship following Tristan Thompson's (latest) cheating scandal.

Ultimately, we may never know how many side pieces he boned while he was supposed to be dedicated to Khloe.

Is Khloe, these followers wonder, worried that Tristan strayed because she wasn't sexy enough to keep his attention?

Khloe on her Phone

What Khloe does with her own body is her choice and her business.

We hope that she would do the proper research before undergoing a procedure.

Very recently, news stories have come out about severe and underreported complications from breast implants.

Breast implants, which have long been considered safe, may be more hazardous than people once believed.

While the medical community sorts this out, we hope that Khloe and anyone else considering a boob job will keep an eye on the facts.

Khloe's Photoshop Fail

Obviously, Khloe is sexy enough for anyone.

Not only does she have an incredibly fit body, but she has an epic Kardashian booty.

There is nothing wrong with her boobs.

That said, she can modify her meatsuit however she chooses. It's hers.

Nobody else owns her breasts, folks.

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