Jessa Duggar Gets SLAMMED By Fans: You Publicly Humiliated Your Son!

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If you follow any of the Duggar moms on social media, then you're probably aware that they're subjected to a lot of criticism from fans, particularly with regard to their parenting.

Some of these criticisms are fully-justified criticism, such as when people rightly point out that Josh Duggar shouldn't be allowed around children.

Jessa Duggar and Co.

But then there's the hyper nit-picky crap that no parent should be subjected to.

And for some reason, Jessa Duggar is a magnet for that sort of sanctimonious trash talk.

Jessa has been mom-shamed for everything from what she feeds her kids to the location of her home.

Jessa Duggar Christmas Sweater

(Too close to the freeway! Not safe, dontcha know!)

As with the rest of the Duggar clan, some of the criticism of Jessa is warranted -- such as the complaints about her inability to homeschool her kids.

But most of it is just the sort of recreational outrage that makes the internet go 'round in 2019.

Take, for example, the uproar over this post:

As you can see, Jessa is employing a rewards-based method of potty-training.

She captioned the video:

"So cute and comical, it’s hard not to laugh at his explanations!! 

Go Team!!

"We’re setting the 10-15 min timer and trying every time it goes off. We have nerds for prizes— 1 for trying, 2 for pee, 4 for poo. (love that they’re tiny, so not a sugar overload). Started this morning, but so far, we’ve had 3 accidents and nothing in the potty. 

"Maybe I’m not having him sit and try long enough??

"Ok moms, what are your top tips for *seated* potty training? (I’m going to see how long I can avoid letting him know there’s a standing option, bc I HATE being surprised by a wet toilet seat or a puddle on the floor. "

Jessa Duggar, Crazy-Eyes

Now ... that's a lot of information, to be sure. Arguably too much.

Fans took issue with the caption -- but many more had complaints about the second video, in which Jessa posts the aftermath of a potty training "accident."

To be fair, it doesn't look as though this was done in order to shame little Spurgeon, but rather it's a result of the fact that Jessa delights in sharing every aspect of her motherhood journey with her followers.

Jessa Duggar, Child

“Your kid is going to be a grown up eventually and probably not appreciate the public eye seeing him wet his pants," wrote one fan.

“Can’t imagine the embarrassment of being an adult and there being evidence of my potty training accidents on the internet for friends, bosses, girlfriends to see," another commented.

We understand the concern, but also want to say to these people -- lighten up.

Jessa Duggar on TLC

Yes, there's a chance that Spurgeon will be embarrassed by this someday, but is it really any more humiliating than his name? (We kid! ... Kinda.)

Stockpiling a treasure trove of embarrassing information about your kids is one of the most essential parts of parenting.

Everyone does it, and no one is quite sure why.

As for Jessa deciding to post all of this on Instagram -- well, maybe that's just another reminder that we're all new to this social media thing, and we're all making mistakes.

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