Bill Cosby: I'm Too Old to Be Called a Rapist!

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Disgraced former comedian and gelatin salesman Bill Cosby is currently serving 3 to 10 years behind bars for the sexual assault of Andrea Constand.

Another woman is pressing charges against him.

But a new report says that Cosby is already working on a way to weasel out of trouble.

Bill Cosby in a Suit

Andrea Constand was the first to receive a courtroom victory against the once-beloved actor, but she was one of over 60 accusers.

One of Cosby's accusers says that there is a sex tape of her assault out there, and her attorneys plan to secure it and use it in court.

That woman, Chloe Goins, intends to be the next survivor to take Cosby to court -- this time, ina  civil case.

She says that he raped her at a 2008 party at the Playboy Mansion.

However, Cosby has a plan to avoid having to face his accuser in court.

Bill Cosby Booking Pic

RadarOnline reports that Bill Cosby has proactively filed a motion.

He is seeking to have his statute-of-limitations defense litigated in court before anything else.

In legal documents obtained from Los Angeles Superior Court, he filed a motion to bifurcate his statute-of-limitations defense.

This means that his other legal arguments -- of which he has plenty -- will take a back seat to his assertion that he is protected by statute.

It sounds like he or his attorneys are confident that this angle could secure an early victory for him.

Bill Cosby Interview Photo

In the motion, filed on Monday, March 25, Cosby claims that two years have gone by and that he is owed a ruling on his statute of limitations defense.

Cosby notes that Goins is poised to request extensive discovery in the case.

If the court determines that he is protected by statute of limitations, he notes, then her discovery request is moot.

The court will have to make a judgment of facts to determine if the case can proceed.

Was he a California resident between 2008 and 2016? Was he engaged in Interstate commerce.

Sometimes, these questions and answers can be much more complicated than they sound.

Good Riddance, Bill

The court documents make it clear that Cosby continues to try to use his age to gain sympathy from anyone willing to listen.

"Bifurcation will conserve party and judicial resources," his motion argues.

"Which is particularly important in this case," the documents claim. "Given Mr. Cosby’s age."

The filing also cites "the difficulties he faces in coordinating meetings with counsel."

"And," the motion mentions. "The significant implications that discovery in this action may have on the constitutional rights."

Bill Cosby on Way to Court

The papers note that Cosby has rights "that continue to attach to Mr. Cosby during the pendency of his criminal appeal."

"Mr. Cosby therefore respectfully requests that the court grant the instant motion to bifurcate in its entirety," the motion demands.

We're no legal experts, but many times, wealthy defendants file a slew of motions.

If something sticks, that's great for them.

But even if their motions are denied, they tie up court time -- and inflate court costs -- making a lawsuit or prosecution both slow and expensive.

Chloe Goins Photo

Like the other 60 accusers who have come forward, Chloe Goins is surely entitled to share her story with the court and to try to prove her case.

She may not succeed -- sexual assault can be notoriously difficult to prove because of the design of our legal system.

But when a woman comes forward and says that a convicted sexual predator targeted her and that there may even be video evidence ... that doesn't sound like a waste of the court's time.

As always, we hope that justice is done and that the court reaches the morally appropriate decision.

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