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Late last year, Playboy‘s controversial founder Hugh Hefner passed away at 91.

Part of his legacy could include, somewhere, a record of the crimes of the world’s most infamous octegenerian: Bill Cosby.

One of Cosby’s accusers says that he assaulted her at the Playboy Mansion — and that Hefner had video evidence of the encounter.

Bill Cosby in a Suit
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The Daily Mail reports that Bill Cosby is in even more legal trouble, which is saying a lot.

The disgraced former comedian is already behind bars for one assault.

That was a criminal trial and sentence.

Attorneys for Chloe Goins say that they are going after Cosby in a civil case — with evidence to back it up.

Spencer Kuvin, an attorney based in Florida, has countless hours of recordings from the late Hefner’s home.

They say that they have unearthed a sex tape that is evidence that Chloe was assaulted by Cosby at the Playboy Mansion.

Good Riddance, Bill
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Chloe Goins says that Bill Cosby sexually assaulted her in 2008.

She would have been 18 years old at the time.

She says that, at that Playboy Mansion, Cosby gave her a drink.

When she awoke, she says that Cosby had his pants down around his ankles.

He was allegedly biting her toes, which … if it were possible for this sexual assault story to get creepier, would make it creepier.

And apparently it’s on tape.

Bill Cosby Interview Photo
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Kuvin says the videos that he has obtained so far appear to have been professionally edited and produced, and feature multiple celebrities.

The understanding is that Hefner had cameras everywhere in his mansion to record various sex acts at parties.

(Yes, that is absolutely creepy to do if people aren’t all aware that they’re being filmed, even if it’s in your own home)

But to produce the hundreds of hours of professional footage, Kuvin reasons that there must be more footage that was edited out.

Kuvin is now seeking to have the raw CCTV footage turned over so that his team can pour over them.

But … there’s a catch.

Bill Cosby, In Shame
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See, Hugh Hefner allegedly had a personal stash of these "home movies."

It is rumored that this stash was dumped into the ocean, in accordance with his wishes, upon his death last year.

If so, it is possible that much of the original material — or potentially incriminating videos — were destroyed.

Hefner and Cosby were friends for many years, so some wonder if Hefner might have made sure that his tapes couldn’t be used against his friend.

Others hope that copies exist, on the proverbial cutting room floor, that could be used to help Goins and others in their civil suit.

All in all, Kavin is representing more than 30 women in a civil case against Bill Cosby.

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Even if Kavin succeeds in obtaining raw footage, it’s unclear how many women may be on the tape.

Cosby worked hard for many years to maintain his image as a lovable family man, for his brand and to hide his true nature.

There are only so many acts he could have performed at parties over the years without more rumors about him swirling about.

Most of his accusers describe assaults that took place in private, often between colleagues.

So we won’t hold our breath for dozens of Cosby sex tapes.

Still, if Kavin can help Chloe Goins obtain a little justice for what happened to her when she was a teen, that has to mean something.