Ben Higgins to Colton and Cassie: Congrats on the Love Making!

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So much for that temporary Bachelor brouhaha.

A week-plus after hurling a bit of shade in the direction of Cassie Randolph for the way in which she destroyed the heart and soul of Colton Underwood when she rejected him on air... Ben Higgins has reached back out to the Celebrity Couple of the Moment.

And this time he only has kind words to say about their romance.


“Love isn’t simple but it’s worth it!” Higgins, who anchored The Bachelor on Season 20, Tweeted yesterday, adding: “Congrats @CassieRandolph and @colton!”

Underwood reposted this nice message and Cassie responded directly.

“Truth! Thank you! :)," she said in reply.

higgy with it

Cassie and Colton really did go through quite the journey prior to settling down into a relationship on Tuesday night's finale.

Just eight days earlier, Randolph had broken up with Underwood because she simply have strong enough feelings to accept a proposal, which she assumed was maybe coming on the final episode.

This tore Colton in a million tiny pieces because she was the one suitor with whom he had truly fallen in love.

Prior to Underwood winning Cassie back over by explaining to her on the finale that he had sent the other finalists home and that he was fine with only dating for awhile, Higgins was critical of the way Randolph had behaved.

We Are in Love!

“I think she should have did something different with Colton. It’s very clear that she was not into him,” Ben told Entertainment Tonight on March 6.

He continued at that time:

“And so as much as she maybe felt the pressure to still be there and just still try to make this work - you know, you have a lot of people counting on you and watching - I think all she wanted to tell him was, ‘You’re a great guy, you’ve proven to be a great guy, but I’m just not that into you and as a result, I need to leave.’”

He concluded that Cassie made a mistake in leading Colton on:

"It felt like she was kind of dancing around the subject, going, ‘This is too fast, this isn’t right for me, I just don’t know.’ She knew."

Colton Underwood and Cassie Randolph Together

Indeed, Randolph stunned Colton when she chose to leave the series during their fantasy suite date.

But the pair then reunited and is now talking about an engagement.

The reality stars may have taken a roundabout way to arrive at this place, but the important thing is that they are here, right?

"Whatever I write will never fully articulate the feelings I have for you. You are the most incredible person whom I have ever met, you have the kindest soul and the sweetest heart," Colton wrote this week on Instagram, adding of the woman who he very likely banged:

You changed my life for the better and made this year the best year of my life. I can’t wait for our adventures ahead... I have my best friend. I have my girlfriend. I have my future fiancé. I have my future wife.

But most importantly I have you. Let’s do this thing they call life... together... forever. I love you.


And the Winner is?

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