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Now that Alaskan Bush People is back for Season 9, some fans still feel that they have unanswered questions about Ami’s cancer and recovery.

Together with her doctors, Ami has addressed the intensity of her cancer battle.

We remain grateful that she is alive to witness so much joy and happiness in her family.

Amy Brown Picture
Photo via Discovery

In the summer of 2017, the Alaskan Bush People matriarch was battling lung cancer.

At the time, she was said to have only about a 3% chance — statistically speaking — of survival.

"It was very scary," Ami Brown admitted in a recent interview with People.

We would certainly imagine so.

"But," Ami noted. "I never gave up hope."

That hope was rewarded, because Ami not only survived and beat back cancer, but she has already witnessed multiple joyous family milestones.

Ami Brown for Discovery
Photo via Discovery Channel

Ami’s medical history came to light earlier this month when her doctors disclosed the details of her cancer battle.

"Amora Brown was diagnosed with Stage III non-small cell lung cancer in April 2017,” the statement began.

“Treatment for her cancer," the statement read. "Included a four-month course of chemotherapy with radiation."

"Her disease responded well to the treatment," Ami’s doctors shared.


She defied all expectations and her entire family — and all of her fans — are intensely grateful.

Amy Brown
Photo via Discovery

"And," the statement continued. "According to her UCLA oncologist Dr. Deborah Wong, she is now in remission."

"Although her most recent scans show no evidence of cancer," the statement read.

The statement followed that with: "Amora will continue to be monitored closely by her medical team."

The statement concluded by noting that this follow-up witll continue "over the next several months."

Notably, Ami has returned for new and vital screenings about every three months.

While her family has lived in rural Washington, she has taken trips down to their Beverly Hills mansion to be screened by her team of doctors.

Ami Brown in Season 8
Photo via Discovery Channel

Not that we’re not grateful for the official confirmation from medical sources, but …

… Why in the world did Ami give her doctors permission to give a statement on her private medical history?

Unfortunately, during her cancer but especially after her victory, rumors swirled.

Some people very sweetly believed that Ami’s cancer was cured in a "Christmas miracle."

We’re not going to tell folks what to believe, but we will note that her first big breakthrough against cancer happened months earlier.

Others spread a vile rumor that Ami had faked or exaggerated her lung cancer battle for attention.

She did nothing of the sort, and we hope that this statement from her doctors will lay to rest that ugly lie.

Rain Brown Holds Baby Nephew
Photo via Instagram

We are so, so grateful that Ami lived to see some major family milestones.

Last year, Noah Brown married Rhain Alisha.

Six months later, husband and wife then welcomed their precious baby boy, Elijah Connor Brown.

That’s Ami’s granchild!

Gabe Brown married his girlfriend, Raquell Rose. Fans are excited to learn more about that union.

Raquell was already close with Gabe’s sister, Rain, and Gabe’s past misfortune’s in the world of romance make this a very welcome change.

Finally, though Matt Brown had fallen off of the wagon during Ami’s fight for her life, he attended rehab and is now devoted to remaining sober.

We hope that Ami continues to remain cancer-free.