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It’s been over a week since Leaving Neverland debuted and Michael Jackson’s most ardent defenders continue to lash out in appalling and inappropriate ways.

First, Paris Jackson revealed that she doesn’t believe her father’s accusers and essentially laughed off the very serious allegations against him, much to the chagrin of many of her fans.

Paris Jackson in Hair Extentions
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Now, the disgraced pop star is being defended by another person who had a close relationship with him as a child.

And Aaron Carter’s handling of the situation makes Paris’ look perfectly reasonable by comparison.

Carter not only refuses to believe the accusers featured in the documentary, he says he’d like punch one of them — Wade Robson — in the face.

Aaron Carter Airplane Selfie
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Carter made the threat in an interview with TMZ that started on a confusing note and got more bizarre from there.

"My reaction to Leaving Neverland was incredible," says Carter (who doesn’t appear to have understood the opening question).

In the rambling segment that appeared online Monday afternoon, Carter goes on to argue that his experience in Jackson’s home was positive, therefore, it’s impossible that anyone could have been molested by the pop star.

Aaron Carter with Chest Tats
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"What you’re doing is stomping on an icon and a legend’s grave," he says, addressing Robson.

Aaron then played the always-unfortunate "why not come forward sooner?" card.

"Why not do it when he was alive, man?" he demands at one point.

Aaron Carter, Bed Selfie

Asked if it was even possible that Robson, Safechuck, and other accusers could be telling the truth, Carter offers this reply:

"Not based on my experience. I hung out with Michael Jackson. I stayed at his house. I stayed in his bedroom."

Carter then concedes that he was 15 at the time, which is considerably older than the age at which Jackson’s accusers claim they were molested.

From there, the situation really gets ugly, as Carter openly fantasizes about assaulting Robson:

Aaron Carter Talks
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"I might be a pop singer, but I’m also from the f–kin’ South. You’re lucky I got something to lose now. Because I would punch you in your face," Carter added in what appears to be a direct threat to Robson.

No word yet on what it is that Aaron has to lose.

You would think both Aaron and Paris have never before encountered the notion that two individuals can have radically different experiences with the same person.

Aaron Carter on ET
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No one is doubting that Michael was a mentor to a number of young entertainers, or that he was a competent and devoted father (although that infamous baby-dangling incident certainly raises a lot of questions).

But there’s no ignoring the growing mountain of evidence that suggests Jackson engaged in sexual activity with young boys.

There might be a way for someone to offer a reasonable and informed counter-argument.

But neither Paris nor Aaron is doing that.