Tristan Thompson: Did He Even Give Khloe Kardashian a Valentine's Day Present?

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Tristan Thompson may play professional basketball for a living.

But Khloe Kardashian is the one who really likes playing games.

That much is evident at this point.

Tristan Thompson and Khloe Kardashian, Face-Licking Photo

On Valentine's Day this week, an occasion when most couples express their feelings of deep love for one another, Khloe took to her Instagram Story and wrote the following:

“rue love feels different.

There are no games, no power struggles, no secrets and no manipulation.

Honest love only craves connection, unity and truth. If what you are experiencing and calling love involves unbalanced selfish tactics it is in the process of being dismantled.

Granted, we'd have trouble coming up with nice things to say about some dude who cheated on us with various Instagram models... but still.

Unless Khloe and Tristan really have broken up, you'd think she would try, right?

mysterious khloe quote

The confusing thing is, Tristan did appear to send Khloe a pretty impressive gift.

He was stuck in Cleveland for the holiday, as the Cavs lost in triple overtime to the Brooklyn Nets, but he didn't forget about his baby mama and very forgiving girlfriend.

“Daddy and baby True,” Khloe captioned a snapshot of pink and red roses gifted to her from Thompson, showing followers that the bouquet even formed a heart.

It's the least Tristan could do after sleeping with so many women while Khloe was pregnant with their daughter, right?

Like, literally, the least he could do.

tristan flowers

On February 13, meanwhile, Khloe continue to post cryptic messages on her social media page.

She loves to keep fans guessing about her and Tristan's status, in this case writing:

There’s a defining moment in a person’s life where they become fully aware that they’ve found their person. It’s someone who lets you be, perfection and flaws.

Someone who lets you feel that there’s no need to put a front, cover up the ugly truths.

It’s someone who calls you out when there is a need to and can be brutally honest with you.

Someone who will show and give off empathy and kindness when you can’t give yourself enough of those.

It’s someone who keeps you grounded in this world full of make-believe.

Khloe Kardashian Sits with True

That's great and valid and everything -- but if Tristan this person for Khloe?

It often doesn't seem that way.

Earlier this week, we reported the stars hadn't seen each other in a month.

As best we can guess, Khloe is trying hard to remain in this relationship for the sake of her infant child, but her heart isn't in it because Tristan's penis has been in too many other women of late.

Says a source to Us Weekly, echoing this sentiment:

"Regaining Khloé’s trust is going to take time. Tristan is a great father, but it’s not yet clear if they can fully rebuild what they had. The extent of what Tristan did is still setting in.

"She hasn’t gotten over it yet."

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