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Jennifer Aydin realized the error of her ways on Wednesday’s The Real Housewives of New Jersey. 

The action-packed installment picked up with Jennifer in Melissa Gorga’s face after threatening to stab her. 

Melissa ultimately walked off after realizing it was not worth arguing with the new addition to the cast, but she sent a parting shot at her new enemy. 

Jennifer Aydin Complains
Photo via Bravo

“You got the wrong one, b****.”

Dolores Catania proved her allegiance to Gorga by taking her anger out on Jen. 

“Jen, you break a glass like that you should get your f***ing a** kicked,” Dolores snarled. “Who the f*** are you?”

“Jennifer breaking that glass triggered something in me,” Dolores said in a confessional.

“If I didn’t walk away I may have done something that I may have regretted,” she added.

“These girls are acting like animals,” Melissa said well away from the drama, and Dolores continued to drag Jen. 

Melissa Gorga Sobs
Photo via Bravo

“That f***ing girl is crazy, and she’s got a f***ing problem.”

She continued:

“She broke a glass like she’s gonna fight her and cut her! She breaks a stem glass like she’s gonna fight her like that – who the f*** is that?”

Yeah, we agree with you there Dolores. 

Jennifer realized when she was back home that she also had to tell her husband all about her actions. 

“Bill, I don’t know what came over me,” she said as she tried to recreate her actions. 

Jennifer Aydin Promotes The Real Housewives of New Jersey
Photo via Tommy Garcia/Bravo

“You’re kidding me?” he responded before admitting that his wife was in the wrong with these actions. 

Jennifer did feel like she had burned all bridges with the ladies. 

“I owe Dolores and Melissa an apology. However, if I were them I don’t know if I would forgive me so much,” she said in a somber tone. 

Jennifer decided to attend Margaret’s charity event with the aim of fixing things. 

“I saw a side of Jennifer I didn’t know existed in Cabo. And I don’t really care to ever see it again,” Dolores complained after noticing Jennifer was at the event, adding:

“Tonight’s about helping sick children – not babysitting drunk adults.”

Melissa was similarly unimpressed at Jennifer’s decision to attend the event. 

“Someone who instinctually goes for a glass and breaks it purposely, I don’t know if they can be trusted. So she needs to stay the f*** away from me,” she warned.

Jennifer turned to Margaret first. 

“I mean I did drink some tequila,” Jennifer countered, while Margaret quickly forgave her, wanting to “use this as a reset button to put all that s*** behind us.”

Dolores wasn’t so forgiving. 

“What you did when you broke the glass made me snap,” she complained. “You don’t want to do that. That’s a threatening thing, and you’re going to get hurt.”

Jennifer Aydin in Oklahoma
Photo via Instagram

“I get that,” Jennifer replied, adding, “I did start it, and I apologize.”

Jennifer went on to reveal she was scared to approach Melissa. 

“I broke a glass, and I stuck it in her face. She might beat the s*** out of me,” she laughed..

“I feel like you kind of blacked out for a minute,” Melissa said calmly after Jennifer approached her. 

“It does take a big person to go from breaking a glass in my face to coming up and owning it and apologizing,” Melissa said in a confessional. “So I’m gonna give her a pass.”

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