The Bachelor Recap: Are Cassie and Caelynn Here for the Wrong Reasons?!?

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Well, that was awkward.

Like, very, very, very, VERY awkward, even for Colton Underwood, someone who has proven himself to not exactly be the most smooth and natural Bachelor in series history.

Colton Talks

On the latest episode of this ABC hit, Colton initially flashed back to previous episodes.

That's because the last three women who Underwood sent packing all warned him against some of the suitors remaining.

“That’s three people who had the same thing to say while saying goodbye to me: ‘You’re a smart guy, trust your gut,’" Colton recalled early on last night, adding:

“What the f-ck? That’s like, my ultimate fear in all of this. I’m confident in the decisions that I make, I just don’t want to make a mistake.

"And from here on out, every decision that I make is bigger and means more.”

It's true. The most famous virgin on television in getting closer and closer to picking his wife.

Needing some assistance in this department, Colton headed to Denver and met up with a man who can relate to his struggles: former Bachelor star Ben Higgins.

Clearly confused over the "multiple" women with whom he was falling in love, Colton was told to really dig deeply into these women; to really try and understand them.

This led him to talking candidly with Tayshia on their one-on-one cate, assuring her that he had no concerns about her.

But Tayshia called out Caelynn and Cassie - who, back at the mansion, insisted that they were NOT the ones in this for the wrong reasons - and claimed they were only using Colton to try and become the next Bachelorette.

That's, like, the cardinal sin of being a Bachelor suitor.

tay and colt

Tayshia warned Colton later that her father would be hesitant to see her in another relationship after her divorce.

Nevertheless, he still gave her a rose, cool with the fact that he'd need to get father's blessing prior to any proposal.

After this sweet act, Colton said he could absolutely envision Tayshia as his wife.

But could Colton say the same about Caelynn, considering Tayshia’s allegations that she only cared about getting rich and famous?

Colton went right ahead and confronted Caelynn her about this claim.

awkward colton

Caelynn argued that such statements “completely fabricated” and that she was “100 percent ready” for marriage.

She even called Tayshia a “stupid bitch” to the cameras.

After Caelynn told Colton she was falling in love with him, he reciprocated these same feelings and gave her a rose.

The next day, Caelynn went after Tayshia, telling her that she thought their friendship was a lie, prompting Tayshia to defend her assertions to Colton and to say that everyone in the house believed Caelynn and Cassie didn't deserve to stick around.

Things were growing intense as we went to the group date, on which yet another woman took the initiative and dumped Colton.

dog date

This time, as teased in previous The Bachelor spoilers, it was Heather who told Underwood she wasn't ready for him to meet her family, thereby eliminating herself from the competition.

Colton didn't seem too broken up about her departure, though.

He admitted instead that Cassie was still his biggest worry - although she defended herself when asked about all the trash Tayshia had been talking.

All it really took was for Cassie to say they were lies and for Colton to totally believe her.

Kirpa tried to say differently, though.

She also slammed Caelynn and Cassie for their motives, leading to yet another argument between suitors when Cassie found out about Kirpa's declaration and called her an "idiot."

In the end, Colton gave the two group date roses to Hannah G. and, yes, Cassie - with whom he said he was falling in love; that makes three women on this episode alone - after Caelynn showed up to defend the latter.

Kirpa was given the boot.

Finally, Colton took Hannah B. home to meet his parents.

She told Colton’s mom that she was totes in love with her son, while Colton expressed trepidation to his dad. This was, like, the one person on the show he apparently could not see himself marrying.

Later in the evening, Colton admitted to Hannah B. the feelings simply weren't there... so away she went for good.

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