The Bachelor Preview: Holy S--t! Nobody Knew the Truth!

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On this week's emotional episode of The Bachelor, five women went home.

Yes, FIVE women.

Four got the boot via Colton's hand and one took herself out of the running for this famous virgin's heart.

Want a Rose?

But here's the crazy thing:

Season 23 is about to get even more bonkers!!!!

What other reaction can we have after ABC released a lengthy preview of future episodes, sharing a video (below) that features:

- Pretty much all remaining suitors crying their eyes out.

- Colton breaking down into tears on multiple occasions.

- Colton rolling around in bed, while confirming he spent a night in the Fantasy Suite with at least one of his women.

- Colton saying at one point: I want to be in love the first time I have sex. When I lose my virginity, it will be tender, it will be passionate, and I want it to be the greatest thing that she's ever felt.

(Honestly, dude, it'll probably last about 7 seconds, so you may wanna lower the expectation on that last part.)

Preparing to Propose

- Colton leaping over a fence in order to escape an unwanted situation.

- Colton holding a diamond ring box and pacing around, preparing to propose.

- Colton saying at another point: I'm confused, I'm terrified, I'm nervous because I don't know what the future holds for me. I feel more confused than ever.

- Christ Harrison reacting to a development as follows:

Holy sh-t. Up ‘til now, nobody knew the truth.

To what could Harrison possibly be referring?

Check out this EXPLOSIVE trailer to take a guess:

Meanwhile, while you can read through our section of The Bachelor spoilers and get a pretty clear idea of what's on tap, Colton is keeping his mouth shut about future hook-ups and, of course, engagements.

“I don’t know if I’m engaged yet,” the 27-year old joked in an interview with E! News. “I tune in every Monday night almost nervous to see if that’s the night.”

Har har, Colton.

On a more serious note, Underwood explained why he really won't say much about what's to come.

"One, I wouldn’t want to spoil it for people,” he said.

“But two, there’s been a lot of ups and downs and I sort of want to take the viewers and everybody on that ride with me. And I wouldn’t want to spoil anything for anybody."

Don't worry, though, folks!

We'll do that for you right here:

There have been a number of cringeworthy dates and interactions so far on Season 23.

And Underwood will at least promise that a few more are on the way.

"You really get to see that side of their personality.

"And for me, that was one thing that I wanted coming out of this, I wanted to really get an understanding of who they are as a person,” he says, concluding:

“Seeing them in an awkward moment, seeing them in a happy moment, a sad moment, I think it was really important for me to see how life would be outside of the show."

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