Larissa Lima Joins Tinder Weeks After Split from Colt Johnson

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90 Day Fiance villain Larissa Lima has hinted at a return to the franchise. In the mean time, she's living her life.

That includes romance. it's been less than a month since her huge fight with Colt Johnson and their divorce filing.

Larissa is now on Tinder, folks. Get ready to swipe!

Larissa Lima Selfie

According to The Blast, Larissa Lima's Tinder profile begins: "I am Larissa from the TV show 90 Day Fiance."

She writes that she is 32 years old, and that her location is Las Vegas, Nevada. That all checks out.

"I am from Brazil," she writes.

"I am a fun loving and caring person," Larissa continues.

That is ... probably something that a number of 90 Day Fiance viewers would find debatable.

We would recommend that any prospective partner watch some clips of her antics on television before agreeing to a date.

Larissa Photo

It's always interesting to see how people choose to present themselves in a simple, short profile.

"I enjoy outdoor activities, play chess, and work out," Larissa writes on her profile.

She shares that: "I am looking to meet a fun local guy to hung out and go from there."

She definitely meant to write hang, not hung, in that sentence.

Is this a language barrier thing, for a Freudian slip?

Larissa Dos Santos Lima on Instagram

Speaking of physical attributes, Larissa is looking for more than a fun dude who happens to be nearby.

"If you are tall, fit, and have a cute smile, that is a plus," she writes.

"Please note," Larissa cautions. "There is a lot of rumors and fake news out there for TV drama."

"If you deserve," she promises. "I can explain the truth and you will be surprised.

Finally, Larissa instructs: "Not looking for hook ups - swipe left!"

Larissa Lima Models Colorful Activewear

We should note that it is always technically possible for someone to impersonate another online.

People use fake profile pictures, fake names, and fake details on the internet all of the time.

Now, Tinder makes it a little harder by being paired with existing social media accounts.

But one can always make a fake Facebook page under a fake name and then use that linked page to create a Tinder account.

So yes, it is conceivable that the Larissa who has appeared on Tinder was created by someone else -- perhaps by a troll who knows her from TV.

(Notably, Larissa's crush Jesse Meester has shared that this has happened to him)

But who would hate Larissa enough to go through all of that effort?

Colt Johnson Shrugs

In the mean time, Coltee has been dating again.

Blogger John Yates has shared that Colt is back on the market.

Notably, after Larissa accused Colt of cheating in December, there is a serious question as to whether Colt was ever off the market.

Colt has been telling women that he is divorced (he did serve Larissa with divorce papers).

He has also been telling women that his ex wife tried to make him believe that he was a bad person.

Colt also mentions Larissa's three arrests in six months. (It was actually seven months, by our count)

Colt Johnson Selfie

Larissa had recently said that it was too soon for her to date again.

Did she change her mind? Did the rumors about her and Jesse spur her to date again?

Some might cynically guess that she is hoping to be in a sturdy relationship or even engaged again to another American soon.

That would, one imagines, help her odds of avoiding deportation when her divorce from Colt is finalized.

But maybe she's just looking for love? We cannot know for sure.

It's fine for her to be on Tinder. The only 90 Day Fiance star not allowed on the app is Jay Smith.

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