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Since Tristan Thompson cheated on Khloe Kardashian for the upteenth time, countless fans have had one question on their minds:

When, they wonder, will Lamar Odom rush to Khloe’s side to offer comfort to his ex?

A new report tells us how Lamar is really feeling about Khloe’s latest heartbreak.

Lamar Odom at Kids Choice Awards

Us Weekly reports that Lamar Odom’s heart goes out to his ex-wife after yet another humiliation by her baby daddy.

"Lamar feels really bad about what Khloe is going through," an inside source reveals.

From his perspective, it seems so unfair.

The insider explains: "He feels like she doesn’t deserve it."

"And," the source continues. "She is such a great mother and partner."

No Reason to Smile

"He will always have love for her," the insider affirms.

Lamar and Khloe were married, after all. 

She even halted their divorce so that she could be his caregiver during his medical crisis a few years ago.

But he doesn’t need to return the favor by rushing to her side, because she already has the strongest support system in the world.

"He knows how tight-knit her family is," the source notes.

"And," the insider says. "He knows they’ll help her get through it."


According to the inside source, Lamar has not actually reached out to Khloe just yet. 

Maybe he’s unsure of what to say. Maybe he’s not sure if she wants to hear from him while she’s deep in her feelings.

Or maybe it’s the 12-hour time difference. Lamar has been working in Dubai.

However, the source says that Lamar wants to contact Khloe soon.

According to the insider, he fully intends to "let her know he is always there for her."

Jordyn Woods and Kylie Jenner Look Great

The fallout from Tristan being caught making out with Jordyn Woods has been intense.

Jordyn was Kylie’s BFF. She was practically family. But clearly, practically doesn’t cut it with the Kardashians.

Kim and Kourtney have both unfollowed Jordyn and Tristan on Instagram, a clear an public shunning.

Khloe has only unfollowed Jordyn — she continues to follow Tristan even though she dumped his cheating ass.

Kendall, who has always stood out in her family, unfollowed Tristan but continues to follow Jordyn. (Good)

Kylie, who is the closest to this situation aside from Khloe herself, has yet to take action in terms of Instagram followers.

Spill, Jordyn. SPILL!

We can only imagine how emotionally devastated Jordyn is feeling right now.

Wait, we don’t have to imagine — an inside source spoke on that, too.

"Jordyn is living in hell right now," an insider told Us Weekly.

After the scandal and the fallout, the source said, "she feels terrible and her world has been rocked."

"Jordyn feels lost and isolated right now," the insider continues.

Without her BFF Kylie, the source says, "she feels like she has no one to confide in."

Jordyn Woods Holds Stormi Webster

Jordyn wasn’t just Kylie’s bestie. She was like a second mom to one-year-old baby Stormi.

Like Travis Scott, Jordyn was with Kylie for every step of her pregnancy. She was even there when Kylie learned she was pregnant.

Now Jordyn has lost that part of her life — and she has also lost her home.

She had been living with Kylie, but Kylie evicted her this week.

Perhaps a phone call from Lamar Odom will help to cool Khloe’s partially misdirected outrage at Jordyn.

Kylie and Jordyn’s lives shouldn’t be turned upside down because Khloe waited 10 months to give Tristan the boot.