Lamar Odom: Rushing to Khloe Kardashian's Side to Win Her Back?

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Poor Khloe Kardashian is once again tormented by Tristan Thompson's latest cheating scandal.

Fans think that they know just what she needs -- whether she's ready to hear it or not.

Khloe's fans are bombarding Lamar Odom on social media, saying that now's the perfect time to win her back.

Lamar Odom Selfie in Dubai

"Don't be distracted by criticism," Lamar advises his fans and Instagram followers in the caption of a recent photo.

"Focus & Remember," he writes. "The only taste of success some people get is to take a bite out of you..."

That's a really good Zig Ziglar quote.

However, his fans took to the comments to express that they were less interested in what he has to say to them.

They want him to start chatting up his ex-wife, Khloe.

It's Lamar

"Dude, go get your girl @KhloeKardashian," instructed a commenter. "She needs you."

That was neither the first nor the last follower to actively tag Khloe in the comment.

"You are soul mates!" insists another. "You are a changed man! Go get her!"

"Go get Khloe back and do her right!" instructs a fan.

"Go get Khloe!" demands another, urging Lamar to "Be the man she needs."

These folks are pushy.

Lamar Odom urged by fan comments to return to Khloe

The comments continue.

"Please reconcile with your Wife, Khloe," urges a commenter. "It will be the best gift to the world."


"You was her first love, of course she needs you," insists another. "More than ever!"

"Go get your queen!" suggests another fan.

"Am praying so hard for u and Khloe to get back together," shares a follower.

That comment continues: "please start by being her friend in such a moment that shes going thru no one is perfect."

"And," that same comment concludes. "Its never to late to rekindle those burnt flames we miss u both."

Lamar Dunks!

Fortunately, some commenters didn't see things that way -- even if they were a little blunt about it.

"Have you forgotten he did the same as what Tristan did?" asks one incredulous follower.

That same commenter continued: "You all sound so desperate."

Khloe and Lamar didn't get divorced because of arguments over the thermostat, folks.

"Why?" asks another at the people urging them to reconnect. "He did her dirty, too!"

Lamar Odom in Dubai

Lamar Odom has been playing for Mighty Sports in Dubai.

In addition to inspiring a whole new generation of fans, the 39-year-old has been working on his health.

He appears to have made a lot of improvements to his overall physical well-being and to his habits.

Have these changes made Lamar into exactly what Khloe needs right now?

Well ... no.

Khloe Kardashian and True on Christmas 2018

Khloe probably isn't looking for a rebound right now, especially with her other ex who humiliated her.

And while we would hate to paint all athletes with the same brush, maybe her next man could be a hottie who doesn't play sports professionally.

The world is full of actors, models, and non-famous hot dudes who are tall and athletic but who aren't followed by groupies.

A lot of sports groupies really want to bone athletes. A lot of athletes really want to bone their groupies.

Tristan, now that he's single, is welcome to sling his dong in any direction he chooses.

But Khloe probably wants a guy who's going to be devoted to her -- and to True.

And before that, maybe Khloe wants a break from letting her life revolve around men.

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