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As you’ve likely heard by now, Jordyn Woods was caught hooking up with Tristan Thompson at a house party earlier this week,

The fallout was severe for Tristan, who has finally been dumped by Khloe Kardashian.

Spill, Jordyn. SPILL!

But believe it or not, it might be far worse for Jordyn.

Woods was living in Kylie Jenner’s guesthouse when news of the cheating scandal broke.

Now, she’s been kicked out and forced to move back in with her mother.

Jordyn Woods and Kylie Jenner Look Great

Worse than the loss of Jordyn’s living quarters, however, is the loss of Kylie’s friendship — and all it’s lucrative implications.

Kylie is soon to be the world’s youngest billionaire, and Jordyn was poised to be her Gayle King.

Kylie is one of the few people on the planet so wealthy and famous that being a member of her inner-circle amounts to a career.

Kylie and Jordyn

Jordyn was in on the ground floor — and she threw it all away for one night with a dude who plays for the freakin’ Cavs.

So it should come as no surprise that Woods is already out hustling — making appearances and glad-handing in hopes of ensuring that she’ll still have some semblance of a career once the dust settles.

While most stars would be keeping a low-profile if they were in her position, Jordyn attended a launch party for her fake eyelash brand Eylure on Thursday night.

She briefly addressed the crowd, and — as you can see in the video above — she even made passing reference to her current scandal.

"Through everything that’s been going on, you know it’s been real, and Eylure has been super real," Woods told the crowd.

Needless to say, "it’s been real" is a bit of an understatement.

Jordyn Woods Photo

Now, Jordyn is being accused of not taking the situation seriously enough as a result of her remarks.

To be fair, however, this was a professional event, and it probably wouldn’t have been a good look if she’d gotten up there and sobbed hysterically.

Then again, if she did that and her Eylure eyelashes remained in place …

What a lost viral marketing opportunity!