Jen Harley: I Sort of Miss You, Ronnie!!!!

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Jen Harley has shared a message on Instagram that means one of two things:

1. She misses Ronnie Ortiz-Magro a lot.

2. She thinks Ronnie was an awful boyfriend and she's looking forward to find at least a halfway decent man to take his place.

It really is hard to tell with these two.

Together for Christmas

Just hours after the Jersey Shore star made a candid confession about his alcohol addiction, his mental state and his recent rehab stay, however, Harley posted something on social media that has left fans curious.

Did she mean this as a compliment to Ronnie...

... or as yet another insult?

On Tuesday afternoon, Harley published a photo of a neon sign that read, “love me."

She included with it her own message that reads as follows:

“I miss sleeping all over and miss being in love and having a best friend."

Jen Harley in Bed

Okay, so: This could be interpreted as Jen confessing that she really misses being Ronnie's girlfriend and as saying she wants the reality star - her best friend - back in her life.

The thing is, mere days prior to this post, Harley slammed Ronnie as a total joke and an awful companion.

So it's possible she's just reiterating that she wants to be in love... but, God, not with Ronnie or anyone like him.

“I’m sorry but if you go away for 6 weeks to become a better boyfriend, father, person, etc to work on your family but you choose to cancel all of our plans on Valentine’s Day so you can appear on a dating show bc you need the money that bad over your family…you’re a joke,” Harley previously wrote, adding as yet another diss of Ronnie:

“How did you better anything? You continue to put us back in the same position by doing the same things that put us there in the first place."


There's no evidence anywhere on the Internet that backs up Jen's assertion here that Ronnie filmed any sort of dating show.

Moreover, his six-week absence was due to the fact that HE CHECKED INTO REHAB FOR SUBSTANCE ABUSE AND DEPRESSION.

"I decided to go to treatment because I wanted to be a better person, a better father for my daughter," the 33-year-old star told Us Weekly on Monday, explaining"

"Eventually, all the bad decisions I was making were going to lead me to places that I didn't want to be.

"I wanted to be led to the place that I am now -- that's happy, healthy and the best role model for my daughter."

Pretty impressive, right?

Read more of Ronnie's revealing quotes on this very personal topic below:

If Jen knew Ronnie was seeking professional help and then publicly trashed him for canceling stupid Valentine's Day plans then... wow. She really does suck a lot.

Not that this is major news for fans of Jersey Shore.

They've witnessed vicious fights between the on-again/off-again couple for months, lowlighted by the time Jen dragged Ronnie down the street with her car.

Police were also called to the scene in Las Vegas last year after Harley allegedly hit Ronnie.

And Ortiz-Magro shared pictures after a New Year's Eve blowout of the wounds Jen allegedly caused when she hurled a glass ashtray at his face.

Bruised and a Little Battered

Ronnie, of course, has not been an innocent bystander in all of this.

He has often cursed off Jen and and baited Jen and aggressively engaged in these arguments and social media wars himself.

But at least now it sounds like he's taking some responsibility.

"I was just making the wrong decisions, and I was very depressed," Ronnie told Us Weekly of how and why he says he hit "rock bottom," adding:

"And when I was depressed, I would turn to drinking. And then when I would drink, bad things would just continue to happen because I wasn't reacting the way I should."

We wish Ronnie all the best.

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