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Counting On returns very soon, and fans are hoping for a special announcement from Jana Duggar.

When, they wonder, will she finally get into a real courtship and get married and escape from her role as the family Cinderella?

Not yet. But at least Jana finally has her own space … sort of.

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Jana Duggar does not yet have her own bedroom.

Yes, still.

The Duggar family believes that privacy is just an invitation for the devil to visit.

(In other words, they realize that masturbation is a normal human activity and go to great lengths to prevent their children from doing it)

They also have approximately one billion children.

Jana is sharing a bedroom with a 9-year-old, but at least she finally has her own Instagram.

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Jana only has a few photos on her Instagram page.

That makes sense, because she is new to the social media platform.

However, but this week, she shared a series of three pictures of her own little space in the Duggar house.

Jana also wrote out a caption for this series of photos.

"Love this quiet little nook!" she writes.

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It does look like a cozy nook.

Among Jana’s personal comforts are a number of houseplants, including a jade plant.

She also has a trove of art supplies — making us wonder if this nook is entirely her space.

Jana then shows off a simple watercolor painting that she did of a frog.

If the Duggar women were permitted to have jobs that didn’t involve giving birth or helping others give birth, Jana could have gone into art as a career.

Just look at what she painted:

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Of the frog painting, Jana explains: "My little nephew Marcus loves frogs and asked me to paint it."


Jana also shared some details about the nook’s decorations.

For example, she says that those potted plants are a gift from her brother, Jason.

Jason is 18 years old and that was a very tasteful gift.

Fans also noticed and asked about that gorgeous antique desk of Jana’s.

"My sweet Grandma gave it to me," Jana reveals in the comments.

She then shares: "It’s over 100 years old."

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A nook is great, but it’s no substitute for a bedroom.

We don’t mean to suggest that Jana needs her own space purely so that she can spend quality time with a hitachi magic wand.

(Her sexual health is her business, even if unfortunately her parents and fundamentalist church insist that it’s theirs, too)

Bedrooms give you a space of your own that you can decorate to suit your tastes and personality.

It also gives you a place to which you can retreat when you’re feeling emotionally exhausted or overwhelmed.

Sure, some people share a room during childhood, especially when they are close in age.

But Jana is 29 years old and she still does not have a real space for herself.

Jana Duggar on TV

The Duggar household is not really a place for individual expression.

Until the children marry, they are extensions of Jim Bob’s will and of his identity.

We’re glad that Jana has this small personal outlet.

And we continue to be thrilled that she’s been permitted to join Instagram this year.