Jake Harris, Ex-Deadliest Catch Star, Arrested for Felony Drug Possession

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Jake Harris is in major trouble with the law.

The former Deadliest Catch star was arrested on January 23 for felony DUI and drug possession, as reported by TMZ.

Details are still coming in, but this is what we know so far about the incident...

harris, j

It took place in Skagit County, Washington where police say the 33-year-old refused to identify himself to park rangers, after they tried pulling him over.

In response to this attempt, Harris took off with his RV, prompting state troopers to turn on their sirens chase him down and force him down.

Once they managed to do so, the legal problems only became worse for Harris.

Authorities say the troopers noticed signs of drug use on the ex-reality star, most prominently pinpoint pupils, bloodshot eyes and a pale face.

They also say he was jittery, unable to stand still and just shaking the whole time - while also talking very quickly.

As if these signs were not sufficient evidence, a K-9 alerted cops to drugs in the RV.

Jake Harris Mug Shot

From here, once again, it got even worse...

Police allegedly discovered a half ounce of heroin and other paraphernalia associated with the selling of drugs.

Moreover, they found a shotgun Harris claims he purchased from someone for $150 and a "ball" of heroin... which was stolen.

Harris He was arrested and charged with four felonies:

1. DUI.

2. Possession of a controlled substance,

3. Maintaining a vehicle or premises for drug trafficking.

4. Possession of a stolen firearm.

Heck, Harris was even driving on a suspended license.


Harris was skipper of the Cornelia Marie prior to leaving Deadliest Catch in 2012.

His struggled with drugs over the years have been well-noted and publicized, never more so when he was nearly beaten to death in November of 2016.

According to local Washington officers at the time, Harris got into a car with multiple individuals... and was thrown out at some point.

He was discovered by the police with injuries so serious that he was transported to the ICU.

Based on a message posted by his brother, Josh, shortly after the assault, Harris was bleeding from the brain and came close to dying.

jake h

“They literally beat my brother, left him for dead, threw him out of a moving vehicle onto the side of the freeway," Josh told fans in an update back then, adding:

"Luckily the people that were behind the vehicle that he got thrown out of ended up seeing my brother and called 911.”

The people responsible for this beating were eventually arrested and, to this day, it's unknown exactly what transpired and/or why.

But many folks believe drugs were involvd.

Harris' bail for this new arrest, meanwhile, has been set at $200,000.

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