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Before she got booted out of the house earlier this month, Dina Lohan was one of the stars of the current season of Celebrity Big Brother.

And in her relatively short time on the show, Lindsay’s mom made quite an impression.

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This was largely a result of Dina making some pretty bonkers comments about her relationship — which at the time appeared to be completely imaginary.

In conversation with her housemates, Dina revealed that she was planning to get married to a man she had never met.

Not only that, in the five years that the couple had been “dating” at the time, Dina said she had never once Skyped of FaceTimed with the guy.

Dina Lohan on Big Brother

So it’s not hard to see why many jumped to the conclusion that Dina is either lying, out of her mind, or being played for a fool.

On Twitter, even Lindsay begged her mom to stop with the “crazy catfish” talk.

The master angler himself, Nev Schulman, took to Instagram to suggest that Dina allow him to help her hunt this guy down.

All-in-all the whole situation seemed about as believable as your eighth-grade buddy whose model girlfriend went to a private school in Canada.

But today, the story took a surprising turn.

Radar Online has tracked down Dina’s beau, Jesse Nadler, and not only does he exist — he totally wants to marry her.

“I am going to marry the girl,” says the shockingly extant Nadler.

“I know it’s crazy because we haven’t met. But we have amazing chemistry,” he adds.

“We get on the phone and talk about everything under the moon. She’s talked to my mother, my niece.”

In a way, we guess it makes sense that Nadler proposed without ever having met Dina.

Marrying into the Lohan clan is like joining ISIS — it’s something you need to commit to online before you witness the savagery of the situation and lose your nerve.

“Even though we haven’t been physically in the same room, it’s like we are two kids,” Nadler tells Radar.

“We talk about big things, little things, what we had for dinner, breakfast, we just talk. There’s no way that’s going to change. 

“You know when you talk to someone on the phone, like you feel like you know them?”

Nadler concludes by being all like, no really, I exist:

“I’m not a catfish and fake guy who steals photos,” he says.

“I didn’t like the term ‘catfish.’ Anyone who cons people, who creates false personas and photos rubs me the wrong way and really upsets me.

“I’m a real guy. And Dina is happy that people don’t think she got catfished. That’s embarrassing.”

Sadly, Nadler and Dina still haven’t met — but they recently took a major step forward in their romance:

“We have been FaceTiming three to five times a day,” Jesse says.

“We’ve been talking like crazy!”

Jeez, get a room, you two!