Blake Shelton: Completely Blindsided by Miranda Lambert's Surprise Wedding!

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Over the weekend after Valentine's Day, the world learned that Miranda Lambert has a new husband.

That was so unexpected -- fans never saw it coming.

And neither, it turns out, did her ex-husband Blake Shelton, who was as in the dark as the rest of us.

Blake Shelton Explains

RadarOnline reports that Blake Shelton did not receive any kind of forewarning or courtesy call about Miranda's new marriage.

"Blake found about the wedding at the same time everyone else did," an insider reveals.

A lot of celebrities will inform an ex, even through a friend or agent, so that they're not blindsided.

The source notes: "He was NOT given a heads up and doesn’t know her new husband."

"Since they split," the insider adds. "They have had almost zero contact."

Miranda Lambert Wedding Pic

After Miranda Lambert broke things off with Evan Felker, she kept her new relationship fairly quiet.

Which is why her fans and followers were absolutely shocked to learn that she'd gotten hitched.

Back when she was with Anderson East, there were definitely rumors of engagements and wedding plans.

But this news about Brendan Mcloughlin didn't just have people wondering when they had decided to get hitched.

It had people wondering who the frick Brendan is and when he and Miranda had started dating.

Brendan Mcloughlin

It's not especially shocking to hear that Miranda didn't tip off Blake about her union.

Their break-up was less than amicable.

Though both have accused the other of cheating on them, it was Blake who reportedly set all of Miranda's things out on the porch.

To make matters worse, Blake effectively kept the Country music community in the divorce.

Miranda found herself the "loser" in the divorce, so to speak.

Combined with Blake being publicly pitied and so famously moving on with Gwen Stefani, and we can imagine that there are a lot of bitter feelings.

Miranda Lambert at the Mic

Speaking of Miranda's feelings ... is she okay?

We're not just talking about this spontaneous marriage, though it is sudden and unexpected.

Just last week, Miranda got into an altercation at a steakhouse.

Miranda and her dining companion were confronted by an older couple, and ended with Miranda's salad on another woman's head.

While the scuffle gave us a rare opportunity to write tossed salad in a headline, it may be cause for concern.

That doesn't sound like the behavior of a healthy, balanced woman to us.

Miranda Lambert Wins an Award!

It ties into a bit of character development that Miranda has undergone in recent years.

Remember back when Blake was the drinker and troublemaker and Miranda was his long-suffering wife?

Okay, we're exaggerating, but only a little bit.

These days, she seems to be the one making outrageous tabloid headlines, while Blake has settled down with Gwen.

Also, Miranda came right out and admitted that she's a bit of a homewrecker after hooking up with the still-married Evan Felker.

Is the downfall of the Felker marriage her fault? Of course not. Not unless she kidnapped him.

But openly discussing her role in it sounds like an unwise career move.

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