Wendy Williams Will Return to TV, Won't Explain Extended Hiatus

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Wendy Williams has had her share of health problems over the past couple of years, but this sounds so serious.

She has been hospitalized, which placed her show on an indefinite hiatus.

Now, a report reveals when she will make her return, and how much she plans to explain to her viewers.

Wendy Williams Makes a Face

RadarOnline reports that Wendy Williams will end her lengthy hiatus some time in February.

According to the source, she will return to television in about three weeks.

"Staff are planning a big ‘welcome back’ show where Wendy will address her health problems," says the insider.

"But," the source reveals. "She isn’t going to be saying anything else."

In the past, Wendy has offered a number of explanations for various ailments and worrisome rumors.

This time, she's apparently planning to keep quiet and hope that fans forget.

Wendy Williams Close Up

Wendy Williams may enjoy sharing the secrets of celebrities (who doesn't?), but when it comes to her life, don't expect a big tell-all.

"She will be working with PR people and producers," the insider shares.

"And," the source continues, Wendy "will stick to the press release script."

She is expected to use a teleprompter for this, and to simply read the script as her only offered explanation.

That is unlikely to sit well with Wendy's core audience, who tend to be curious and prefer to be in the know.

Wendy Williams on Hot Topics

As we reported in late December, Wendy Williams explained her slurred words and troubled speech as the result of pain medication.

Since then, however, she has been absent from her show.

Her return date has been continuously postponed with various excuses.

Wendy claimed that she had suffered a shoulder fracture and was merely still recovering from it.

That may be so, but her disappearance from television has been nothing short of mysterious -- and alarming.

And this is not the first time that Wendy's viewers have been afraid for her life.

Wendy Williams Collapses 4

On Halloween of 2017, Wendy Williams was dressed as the Statue of Liberty.

Suddenly, her speech appeared slurred.

Her eyes grew wide and panicked as she seemed to realize what was happening.

She staggered backwards, her only sounds incomprehensible, while reaching for her head.

She then collapsed on live television, to the horror of her live audience and her countless viewers.

The show cut to commercial.

Wendy Williams Collapses, Halloween 2017

After the commercial break, Wendy appeared much better.

She explained that the hot lights -- television production is notoriously warm -- combined with her costume had caused her collapse.

That is a plausible explanation -- heat exhaustion can do that, especially when combined with another factor.

But was it the whole story?

In early 2018, if you recall, Wendy took a three-week absence.

She later explained that her body was a mess following her diagnosis of Graves Disease.

Is this absence related, or is there something more that we are not seeing?

Wendy Williams in Purple

Some have accused Wendy of acting like some sort of malevolent spirit that feeds off of the misfortunes of others.

That's not an entirely inaccurate description of her television persona.

However, we of course do not wish her any illness or harm.

We hope that she is able to make a swift recovery from whatever the hell this is.

We also hope that she feels comfortable enough that she is willing to share her story with her audience -- beyond what it says on the teleprompter.

Inquiring minds want to know.

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