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With reality TV being filmed so far in advance, viewers are just getting to the crazy stuff for Teresa Giudice and her family on The Real Housewives of New Jersey. 

Giudice finally weighed in on husband Joe’s forthcoming release from jail on Wednesday’s episode of the Bravo hit and was surprisingly upbeat about it.

Teresa Giudice Attends Daughter's Party
Photo via Greg Endries/Bravo

“The closer it gets to Joe getting out, all I think about is, ‘Soon he’ll be home,’ ” Teresa said about her dire situation.

“I don’t even talk about deportation. That’s all negative thoughts. To me, Joe’s coming home, and that’s it.”

Um, what?

Do we sense a hint of denial there, Teresa? 

The immigration court ruled to deport Joe to Italy when he finished out his 41-month prison sentence. Even though an appeal was lodged, he still faces deportation. 

It’s obviously a tough time for the family, but what we do know is that Teresa has still been visiting him. 

Teresa Giudice on Watch What Happens
Photo via BRAVO

“I just came straight from seeing Joe,” she told Danielle Staub, before going on to confirm their time together on the inside is spend talking about their four children and “what he wants to do when he gets out.”

The conversation quickly turned to what Joe tried to do when Teresa visited him. 

“He’s trying to touch my a–. I’m like, ‘Get your hand off of my a–,’ ” Teresa laughed. “You’re not allowed to do that!”

It’s not uncommon for lovers to want to get closer to each other after spending so long apart. There have been many rumors of late that Teresa is ready to call time on her marriage. 

There was that time she was all over social media WITHOUT her wedding ring. A lot can change in a few months, but if all of this Joe talk did anything, it shut down some of the rumors. 

Teresa Giudice Promotes RHONJ
Photo via Tommy Garcia/Bravo

For now, Teresa just wants her husband home and thinks it will complete her family again. 

“I’m looking forward to it,” she said. “The kids will really be happy when he gets home. They can’t wait, especially Milania.”  

Elsewhere on Wednesday’s episode, Jennifer Aydin was out for blood. Her first big bust-up was with Jackie Goldschneider who wrote the article bashing her parenting skills. 

In a comical moment, Jackie allowed Jennifer to use her restroom before heading to a vineyard, but it was not up to the latter’s standards. 

"What a dump," Aydin complained after getting a look at the restroom. Restroom Wars could be a good TV format for Bravo!

Jennifer Aydin Promotes The Real Housewives of New Jersey
Photo via Tommy Garcia/Bravo

"After Jackie came into my house and used it against me, you think I’m gonna pass up the opportunity to see her house? I don’t think so," Jennifer said in a confessional. 

While on the bus, Jennifer started dishing out gifts she brought back from Turkey, but she turned to Margaret and uttered the following:

"Yours got lost in the mail along with the mail-order bride that never was."

This was in response to Margaret’s ill-timed comments that Jennifer’s brother was getting married to a mail-order bride. 

Margaret could not respond because she was blindsided. 

What did Jennifer buy Jackie? 

Jennifer Aydin in Oklahoma
Photo via Instagram

A dagger. Yes, really!

Well, Jennifer said it was "an ancient Turkish dagger that people used when they wanted to stab people in the back, so I figured I can give you something tangible, so the next time, I can see you coming."

But Jackie refused the gift, saying she did not want the"passive-aggressive gift." What followed was the women literally throwing the dagger back and forth at each other. 

Thankfully, the pair made things right, but Jennifer continued to pursue Margaret. 

When the ladies got drunk at the vineyard, Margaret started chatting about how she met her current husband, Joe. 

"He was married at the time, and she thought he was gonna leave his wife," Margaret shared, while Jennifer laughed and said, "I see a pattern here."

Margaret Josephs On The Real Housewives of New Jersey
Photo via Bravo

"What’s the pattern?" Margaret quizzed. 

"Your mother was with a married man, and you were with a married man," Jennifer shot back.

"That’s not a pattern. That’s called a coincidence," Margaret complained. 

Jennifer then tried to take back her comments, but Margaret was not ready to let this feud die out and complained about Jennifer’s brother and his marriage. 

"I’m just saying, culturally, it’s very hard to relate to," Margaret explained.

"So you can’t relate to people who have setup marriages, and I can’t relate to people who have affairs with married men," Jennifer fired back.

Margaret Josephs
Photo via Bravo

"Who sleeps in the f–king pool house?! Who sleeps in the pool house?!" screamed Margaret who was getting irate at Jen’s existence. 

"You avoid making comments on something that you don’t understand, and I’ll avoid making comments on things that I don’t understand, like breaking up a family!" Jennifer yelled. 

Later in the episode, the ladies attended an event for Milania that celebrated her song’s release, and there were fireworks. 

Danielle previously told Teresa that Margaret said she was not to trust Teresa or Melissa Gorga. 

"I never said that," Margaret said.

"You did, and we discussed that at my house right before we had the bachelorette party," Danielle replied.

Danielle Staub on Wendy Williams
Photo via FOX

Margaret said that Staub said to her, "I don’t know who to trust," and that her response was, "Well then don’t trust anybody." 

Margaret eventually walked off because she was tired of the drama. 

That’s when the husbands started arguing. 

Marty told Joe that Margaret was "jealous" of Danielle and that "Margaret doesn’t wanna walk into a room with Danielle because nobody will look at Margaret."

Joe did not take that too well, and Joe Gorga stepped in to prevent him from punching Marty. 

What the hell, right?

The Real Housewives of New Jersey continues Wednesdays on Bravo.