Rihanna Sues Her Own Dad For Exploiting "Fenty" Brand

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Rihanna's own father is capitalizing off of her brand Fenty and now the two are taking their last name to court. 

The new lawsuit was made against her father, Ronald Fenty, for recently starting a talent development company called Fenty Entertainment in 2017.

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Fenty may be Ronald's last name... but, RiRi already trademarked Fenty herself.

She claims he is creating his own business off the reputation she has already created with Fenty, including her popular beauty and fashion line which has been a major success for the singer

The lawsuit claims that Rihanna has "absolutely no affiliation" with Fenty Entertainment, yet the title itself suggests otherwise. 

Fenty by Rihanna

In the court documents, Rihanna (aka Robyn Rihanna Fenty), says her father and business partner, Moses Perkins, falsely advertised themselves as her reps to solicit millions of dollars, including trying to book her for 15 shows in Latin America for an estimated $15 million... all without her knowledge. 

Her father also unsuccessfully tried to file his own trademark for Fenty to use at a chain of boutique hotels. 

Rihanna has given her father plenty of warnings, with multiple cease-and-desist letters, yet he has chosen to ignore them and even continues to profit off of Fenty Entertainment. 

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Even during the legal drama, Fenty Entertainment's site is still active and taking talent submissions. 

But, will see how long that lasts cause bad girl RiRi is taking action, didn't she tell you that she was a savage? 

And it is now up to a judge, who Rihanna hopes will place an injunction on her dad for using the name Fenty and for all the damages.

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Ronald was reportedly contacted by OK! and he sounded shocked at the news. 

"She is? Suing me? Why would she sue me? It's my name!" he told the site. "She's never going to sue me, I'll have to fight it." 

Something tells me the Barbadian singer will be just fine. I mean Fenty is already a groundbreaking brand in the makeup industry. 

Offering over forty different shades of foundation, Rihanna wanted to make sure "that women of all skin tones were covered and could be included" in what she created.

Rihanna takes her brand very seriously and says that she is 100% involved in the process. 

I can see how Robert would want something to do with well... his own name but come on! You couldn't enjoy a front row seat like most dads?

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That's ok RiRi, we are here for you and can't wait to see what you conquer next in the beauty and music industries. 

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